About the competition

The competition is about communicating clearly in the English language and thinking critically and creatively.

The competition offers a digital experience for participants in the preliminary round and then a ‘live’ audience experience in the final round. 
  • The preliminary round is a platform for primary school pupils to express their thoughts through a video recording of themselves. This year's preliminary round topic can be found in Rules & Guidelines.
  • The final round consists of two segments: 
    • an Individual Category
    • a Team Challenge Category

New! Public Speaking Workshop for Primary 3 Pupils:

As part of our outreach programme, the first 50 schools to register may also submit the name of one Primary 3 student to attend a public speaking workshop. The workshop will help the Primary 3 pupils develop their oratorical skills and gain an understanding of the competition.


Watch our Babble & Speak 2013 video to get a better idea of what Babble & Speak is all about!

Babble & Speak 2013


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