Student Complaints

The purpose of the complaint form is for you (the student) to alleviate legitimate concerns regarding your course, the academic staff, your fellow students and any other problems that you may encounter throughout your journey at NYFAA and for us (NYFAA) to investigate, review and action those concerns in order to deliver more effective outcomes. We encourage you to be honest, forthcoming and constructive in your feedback.

Step 1

Direct complaint resolution

We encourage that you first approach the person or persons regarding the issue. At NYFA we believe in open communication and by doing so any issues you may of had could be resolved in its infancy by going to the direct source.

Due to the issue/s or the extent of them, this step may not be appropriate or you may not feel comfortable doing so, and if this is the case then we recommend that you follow the next step in the complaint process.

Any attempts of resolution prior to filling out the complaint form should be noted on the form.

Step 2

Lodge a formal complaint.

Lodge your complaint via the Complaint Form

We encourage you to fill in the form as soon as possible after the issue occurs (not more than 10 days). This is because we want the issues resolved as soon as possible.

Click here to fill in a written Complaint Form now.

Step 3

What happens next?

  1. Student Services will investigate your complaint.

  2. We will contact you in person to discuss your complaint within 5 days of receiving your form.

  3. We will then (within another 5 days), investigate the issue, identify the best possible resolution and inform you of what actions will be implemented.

Step 4

Appealing a Complaint Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the resolution, you can lodge an Appeal against that decision.

You must lodge an Appeal within 3 days of our written response.

A response to your Appeal will be provided to you within 10 working days.

Click here to complete a Complaint Resolution Appeal Form now.

Step 5

Want to take it further?

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome, the next step is for you to seek external support.

Click here for a list of external contacts in NSW.

Click here for a list of external contacts in QLD.


We take your privacy seriously and will not provide details of you or your complaint to unnecessary parties. In some cases your details may need to be shared with the person/s involved in order to effectively resolve the complaint/s. Click here to read more about our Privacy Policy.