Could $13,000* help 

support your classroom 


Do you have an innovative teaching practice?


Are you looking to share your ideas and experience?


Should you be recognized for the work you do daily to improve student learning?


Could you use up to $13,000 to support your work?

If so, and you are able and willing to work with fellow teachers in your school (or network) to share your practices, then Empowerment Schools would like to invite you to apply for the 2010 Goldie Anna Awards for Excellence in Education.

2010 Applications

Applications are now available (click the link to the left)
This year, the Office of Empowerment Schools will honor individual teachers who demonstrate they help students succeed through innovative instructional practices (teaching methods, units of study, mentoring programs, inquiry work, etc). These teachers will make a commitment to share their work with one other teacher in their school (or network) with the aim of replicating their model. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email
*$13,000 is the combined funds for the actual award, additional per-session, and equipment.