CFN103 Pride

On Friday 4/11/14, schools across the boroughs stood up to speak out about some elements of the NYS ELA exam for grades 3 - 8 and to demand transparency from the State.

Our Story
Children First Networks (CFNs) are the outgrowth of a NYCDOE / Empowerment Schools initiative designed to synthesize operational and instructional support for schools. The goal is to devolve as much decision-making power as possible to the people who know schools best: principals, teachers, and school staff. Each CFN employs a cross-functional team directly accountable to principals and delivers personalized service to an average of 30 schools. We aim to streamline operations and build capacity within schools so school-based staff can focus their time on accelerating student achievement.

Since our launch as an Empowerment School network in the fall of 2007 school year, we have proudly served students ranging from pre-K through high school across 3 of the 5 boroughs. We piloted the CFN structure in the summer of 2009 along with 10 networks citywide. We are grateful to our schools and our central support team who challenged us and elevated the level of our work throughout the CFN pilot year. In the 2010-11 school year, CFN became a citywide initiative. In the 2010-11 school year, five of our schools were selected for the Teacher Effectiveness Pilot; and 2 schools partnered with the Innovation Zone. We proudly collaborated with District 2 to open the Spruce Street School and reopen the long awaited PS151  Yorkville Community School. In 2011-12, our network participated in the Talent Management Pilot and 2 more schools engaged with iZone. We built upon our successes with Pace High School and grew our high school cohort with the addition of the ASL/English High School, the Green School, Brooklyn HS for Law and Tech, and Science Skills High School. We worked with District 3 to open PS452 to serve the overcrowded southern part of the district. Brooklyn HS for Law and Tech won a coveted spot in the Expanded Success Initiative and let the city in leveling the playing field for African American and Latino young men. 

We look forward to this continued journey as we continue to build on our strengths as a team and evolve our mission as a learning organization of "empowered" schools. 

Timely Tidbits
Now Available - NEW ***
To help plan summer vacations and the upcoming school year, click on the below links to access updated DOE calendars: 
2014 Summer School Calendar  
2014-15 DOE Calendars  

Upcoming Events

Our Goals
Instruction & Achievement
  • Address achievement gap by building school-level capacity to serve all students regardless of aptitude or challenges
  • Build school-level competencies re. Common Core Standards, assessment literacy, and the Danielson Framework
  • Ensure sustainability by developing and maintaining a corps of teacher leaders and potential school leaders
Student Support
  • Strengthen school / home connection via our parent coordinators, deans, social workers and counselors
  • Leverage partnerships within the DOE as well as external agencies to build upon school-level capacity to address students’ safety and wellness
Strategic Operations
  • Align transactional tasks with instructional priorities
  • Build school-level capacity to manage transactional / compliance items
  • Increase resources for schools via partnerships & grants

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