NDP Regional Qualification Events

Each of these events will offer the following categories for competition:

Individual Trampolining (TRI): NDP Level 1-6
Double Mini Trampolining (DMT): NDP Level 1-6
Trampolining for People with Disabilities (TPD): Regional 2-1, National

 Discipline & Level Age Groups 
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 1  9-10 yrs, 11-12 yrs, 13+ yrs
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 2
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 3  7-8 yrs, 9-10 yrs, 11-12 yrs, 13-14 yrs, 15-16 yrs & 17+ yrs

(7-8yrs will not be eligible for the Regionals Final)
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 4
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 5
 TRI & DMT NDP Level 6

Regional Open Competitions

Consists of two routines for each category. 1st routine can be made up of 10 different elements which meets the minimum degree of difficulty (DD), but is only scored on execution. 2nd routine can be made up of 10 elements, with both execution and DD awarded, capped at the maximum DD. Each of these competitions will offer the following categories for competition:

 Grade  Age Groups
 Novice (No min DD, Max 1.4)
 Intermediate (Min 1.5, Max 2.5)
 Intervanced (Min 2.6, Max 4.0)
 Advanced (Min 4.1, Max 6.0)
 Elite (Min 6.0, No Max)
 U11, U15, O15

Entry Fees

All entry fees listed are per competitor:
  • 1st Discipline: £12.50
  • Further disciplines: £7.50
Disciplines included in regional events are TRI, DMT, TRS, TPD, and Tariff, dependent on availability.

Judges / Competitors ratio guidance

When using the system you will need to enter judges first before you can add competitors. The following is a guide as to how many judges / officials you will need for the amount of competitors you wish to enter. Shadow judges do not count as a judge or official, as they will be placed purely to gain experience in their desired role.

Judges: someone who has a BG judging qualification. 
Non-judging officials (Officials): a person who can fill other roles (e.g. marshal, recorders)

Number of competitors  Number of Judges & Officials required
 Up to 2 competitors 1 Official OR 1 Judge
 Up to 5 competitors  1 Official and 1 Judge OR 2 Judges
 Up to 10 competitors 1 Official and 2 Judges OR 3 Judges
 Up to 15 competitors 1 Official and 3 Judges OR 4 Judges
 Up to 20 competitors 1 Official and 4 Judges OR 5 Judges
 Each +5 competitors Another +1 Judge

Entries can be done via TRAMPONLINE - the online entries system for trampolining competitions at: