About Us

The North West Region consists of four Counties:

Greater Manchester
The North West Trampoline Technical Committee reports into the North West Gymnastic association which is one of the ten Gymnastics Associated Regions affiliated to English Gymnastics and British Gymnastics. The Trampoline Technical Committee is a group of elected volunteers that oversee competitions, coaching, judging, finances, marketing and promotion to ensure quality provision for all members.
The Chair and the Treasurer of the Technical Committee is voted for each year at the North West Gymnastics Annual General Meeting (AGM). The person receiving the most votes in a first past the post system is elected. From there the rest of the Technical Committee members are then selected.
The main responsibility of the Technical Committee is to filter down the relevant information from other regions, English Gymnastics, British Gymnastics and the Federation of International Gymnastics, all of which have a profound impact on our sport. This website is one of the mediums used and will be the central point for information going forward.
The Technical Committee aims to meet at least once a month to discuss matters such as upcoming events, squad selections, financial matters and any issued raised by individuals or clubs.
Anyone can submit a request to the Technical Committee but this is best done via your club coaches or your area/county representative should you have one.
Whilst the Technical Committee aims to respond to every request within 4 weeks this is not always possible and your patience is very much appreciated.