Student Version- Lesson 4: Progressive Era Amendments

Lesson 4: Progressive Era Amendments

Ohio Content Standard: 10

Standard 10

10. Amendments 16 through 19 responded to calls for reform during the Progressive Era.

Unit Objectives:

  • Explain in context how the amendments have changed and shaped our society in significant ways.

Essential Questions

  • What changes have happened in the Constitution?
    How significant are the amendments on society?

Topic question:

How did Progressive Era Constitution change impact the lives of Americans?

Prior Knowledge:

You should have a background about the ratification process in regards to Federalist and Anti-Federalists and amendment process. You should know about Reconstruction Amendments (13-15).

Lesson Plan:

Days 1-2

Overview: Once you select this lesson will focus on Amendments 16-19 & 21. You will watch a flipped video (click here) in class or as homework. You will be expected to complete the guided notes. You will then create an assignment and mini-project about a specific amendment 11-27.

YouTube Video

* This lesson is a self-paced lesson for you and so time estimate may vary.

Flipped Video: It is recommended that teachers use a website called PlayPosit (click here) in which you can watch the videos, fill out guided notes and answer some review questions. However, you can watch the video just on Youtube.

Amendment Assignment: After watching the video you will complete an assignment (click here) that below will dive deeper into each amendments significance. It is recommended that you complete just one amendment assignment based around each amendment theme (ex. voting amendments).

Amendments Choice Board

Mini-Project: Then you will create a mini-project scroll to page 2 (click here) (click here for rubric) about the amendment you selected in the assignment above. It is suggested you only complete one project option once, for example, only one song about an amendment.

Go Further

You can engage in seeing what a current amendment proposal to the Constitution. Constitution Center Blog and US News and World Report

Extra Help

You could make use of web tools such as rewordify, Mercury, Quizlet, Quizzizz and Youtube to review content.