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Note from Mrs. M
As you know, my area of nursing research is NCLEX predictors. The #1 predictor of success is that YOU SUCCESSFULLY finished our practical nursing program. Statistically speaking, you have a 90-something percent chance of passing the NCLEX. So, just SMILE and DO YOUR BEST. Your chances of passing are GREAT!!!
Scheduling to Take the NCLEX-PN
Expect your authorization to test (ATT) from Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE) one month from your completion date, which is either graduation or pinning--whichever one is last!
  • You will not receive your ATT until LSBPNE has received ALL documents, including your FBI fingerprint results. Remember you are free to open and examine your results from the FBI, but must mail them to the board along with the name of your school, date of completion, and the ENVELOPE the FBI used to mail your results to you.  
You have 60 calendar days to test, no matter what Pearson-Vue or any other authority tells you. You received this information, IN WRITING, from Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners.
As soon as you receive your ATT,
Don't WAIT!
Schedule your DATE!!!
Super Helpful Websites


Check out these NCLEX review apps! Lots of them are free...btw, it is OK to use NCLEX-RN review:

 After You Test
It is FINISHED! You are done! All the worry and stress in the world will not change your score. Forget about it for a couple days--do something fun!
The school usually gets results the same day you do. Sometimes you get your results on a Saturday, and the school does not get them until MONDAY!
You cannot get your results early by paying $8. That is for the RN-version only.