Hello and welcome to Tigers 2.0, a collection of web-based resources that can be implemented in your classroom. Please click on RESOURCES at the top of the page to access the tools that I have compiled thus far.  To the right of RESOURCES, you will find a link to the NWL Instructional Tools WIKI, which was created by Kathy Fiedler prior to her retirement in 2014.  

As your Instructional Technology Coach here at Northwestern Lehigh, I am committed to working with you in any capacity that helps you achieve your goals through the use of classroom technologies.  Formerly, as a middle school science and language arts teacher for ten years, I have experienced the challenges of managing a classroom. I know all-too-well the feeling of having too little time to accomplish the never-ending piles of grading, Parent Portal reminders, endless searches for engaging strategies, comprehensive data collection programs, parent meetings, emails, and phone calls that lead to an untenable daily routine whereby you simply hope to "keep your head above water."  I used to joke that I needed an assistant to keep up with all the demands of running my classroom so that I could focus my attention on actually teaching my students.  In a relatively short time as Instructional Technology Coach, I have learned that there are many web-based tools that can serve as our classroom "assistants," helping us expedite grading (yes, essays too!), and providing resources to readily engage our students.  Implementing educational technology will not only help to engage a student population that is already immersed in technology at home but will also make our classroom management more efficient, freeing up our most precious commodity...TIME! 

If you are interested in leveraging technology to meet or exceed classroom goals, I will work with you as much or little as you wish along the way.  From general information sessions to step by step implementations, I will work with you to make sure you feel confident with the technology you wish to use in your classroom. I am available to provide one-on-one and group training sessions. Additionally, I am available to provide in-class technology assistance in a co-teaching capacity. To schedule a time to meet, please email me anytime at rissellk@nwlehighsd.org or helpdesk@nwlehighsd.org.     

I look forward to working together!  

Kelly Rissell 
Instructional Technology Coach