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From Then to Now!!

North White holds a very special place in my heart, as I am a PROUD graduate of North White Jr.-Sr. High School!  It is ironic how some things come "full-circle" and the people who impact you along the way have a way of showing back up in your life!!!

After graduating from North White in 1990, I attended Saint Joseph's College --- I love those PUMA's, too!  I had a phenomenal experience at St. Joe and would recommend their programming to anyone!!  I was active in several student education groups, coordinator of the intramural volleyball programs, and I also had the distinct honor of receiving the IAHPERD Award my senior year.  I participated in the education practicums at Kankakee Valley Middle School and Rensselaer Central High School, before completing my student-teaching at Tri-County School Corporation.  While I was student-teaching, I covered all elementary PE classes, MS & HS Health & PE.  I had a great student-teaching experience and developed some wonderful relationships.  I graduated from SJC with honors in 1994 with a degree in Health & Physical Education.  

After graduating from St. Joe's, I worked for three years for a not-for-profit agency called White County Youth, Inc. located in Monticello, IN.  I was the Program Director of all after-school activities in the four White County Elementary Schools and worked closely with the White County Cooperative Extension Office.  I also assisted in writing grants and did all administrative duties (payroll, taxes, etc.).  It was a GREAT stepping-stone toward my teaching career.

I began teaching here at North White in 1997.  I have to admit that returning to North White as an educator is MUCH DIFFERENT than returning as a student!!!  It was very odd to me to be teaching along side many of the same teachers who taught me!!   Wowzers! But...those veteran teachers taught me so much that first year...and every year since! 
Well-rounded, effective teachers learn to adapt and be flexible.  I would hope that I have adapted to the changes in education and have grown professionally and personally as an educator over the last 14 years.  I hope I continue having a good rapport with my students and fellow staff members, and bring ever-changing diverse lessons to my classroom.  I may not the best teacher at North White, but I know I am surrounded by the BEST in the county!  My colleagues and students push me to be a better teacher each and every day!  And for that...I am grateful.    
My husband, Derek, and I grew up about 3 miles from each other.  But, because of district lines, he attended Frontier High School while I attended NW.  I "knew" him through 4-H events and activities, but it wasn't until 1991 that we began dating!  After nearly 4 years of dating, we married in April, 1995.  Derek farms with his dad.  They farm just under 2,000 acres in Monon, Reynolds, Chalmers, and Wolcott and raise corn, soybeans, and popcorn.  YEP --- we grow Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn!  
Derek & I have two boys.  Kale (age 11) is in the 5th grade and he enjoys playing football, baseball, and basketball.  If he's not playing the sport...he is watching the sport on ESPN.  Kale is very competitive!  He is also involved with his school's Student Council.  Korbin (age 8) is in the 2nd grade and he mostly enjoys watching TV or playing video games, but he can also "bust a move" on the dance floor!  He plays baseball (he's a lefty!) and basketball, and he did play football but now has turned his interest towards Cub Scouts.  I love attending my kids' events and I support them in all that they do!