What is Academic Super Bowl?


        Indiana Academic Super Bowl consists of 6 teams that compete in these categories:  Fine Arts, English, Social Studies, Math, Science, plus an Interdisciplinary category.  Each year the state sets up a "theme" or time period from which all questions in each category originate.  This year's theme is "Westward Expansion."  Teams organize before Thanksgiving break and start preparing for competition immediately thereafter.  A list of research sources and practice questions will be available to study.  Check this website or listen for announcements regarding Callout Meetings and a Practice Schedules.

        The North White High School Academic Super Bowl coaches are:  Fine Arts - Ms. Kessler, English - Mrs. McKinley & Mr. DeLion, Social Studies - Ms. Miller, Math - Ms. Longster, Science and Interdisciplinary - Mr. Kiester.  Mr. Kiester is also the overall coordinator of the program.

        You may go to the state's website below (hyperlink is in purple!) and link to "Academic Competitions" and then "Senior Super Bowl"to access information about everything there is to know about Indiana Academic Super Bowl, including topics, study guides, practice questions, and rules of the game.  Final Study Guides are available by the end of the first week of October.

Link to Indiana Academic Super Bowl Website