Neighbors Helping Neighbors


The Northwest Colorado Type 3 Incident Management Team is:
  • A resource sponsored by the Northwest All-Hazards Emergency Management Region and is available to local government to assist with critical incident management,
  • Made up of over 60 first responders, public health, and industry members from over 20 agencies,
  • Certified by the State of Colorado as Colorado Team 2.
Our Team has provided emergency management relief during:
  • The blizzards in southeast Colorado,
  • The Rainbow Family gathering on U.S. Forest Service property,
  • The Salmonella outbreak in Southern Colorado, 
  • Various wildland fires throughout western Colorado.
For more information, please contact: 
  • Chief Dwight Henninger, Vail Police Department, (970) 479-2218,
  • Chief Frank Cavaliere, Lower Valley Fire Protection District, (970) 858-3133 x1,
  • Email at
For Team Activation contact:
    Vail Police Dept Dispatch
No agreements, commitments or paperwork is needed in advance
Assistance could take place within a few hours or could take up to 12 hours for a full team response