Project Overview

What is SEED?

SEED is a "System for Educator Effectiveness Development" - a novel approach to professional development using a blended learning model for teachers.  Blended learning combines in-person and online interactions and will provide on-going support for teachers throughout the school year. SEED is a paradigm shift away from one-time, sit & get, static workshops without any follow-up or coaching (the worst versions of PD) to participation in a dynamic, interactive, and ongoing learning community for teachers.  It is also integrated and aligned with Colorado's educator effectiveness framework. Our goal is to develop a system for professional development that helps to make the new evaluation system result in meaningful teacher growth.  Finally, SEED is a research project.  McREL International will be evaluating the effectiveness of SEED every step of the way and will aim to publish a research article that will add to the knowledge base defining effective PD. Click here to read an Executive Summary.

SEED Model