Your Email Made My Day

posted Oct 25, 2011, 11:40 AM by   [ updated Oct 25, 2011, 11:40 AM ]
I received the following mail yesterday.  Karen speaks to the reason "We Are Northview."  Thanks for the email Karen.  Your words and insights came at just the right time.

Dear Mr. Paskewicz:

Good afternoon.  I read your upcoming Northview News article today and wanted to reflect on my recent experience at Northview.  I am a Northview graduate and have lived in the district all my life.  My husband is a sheriff's deputy with the Kent County Sheriff's Department.  Due to the loss of a fellow brother in the last couple weeks, I was called to help sell t-shirts at Crossroads last Thursday morning and at the Homecoming game Friday night.  I was incredibly moved by the outpouring of support from my local community.  The Northview family hasn't changed a bit...the families have always been supportive of each other and rise to the call when a fellow Wildcat family is in need.  From the teacher who quietly handed me a check for an undisclosed amount to the students who handed me their last few dollars on their way out of the game, I was proud. 

My young kids will attend Northview, starting next year.  I surveyed other local schools before building a home in the district.  Sometimes I am challenged to defend my decision.  After my recent experience, I have absolutely no doubt that I have made the right decision. 

Your article regarding "We are Northview!" really made me think today.  Northview is supportive, kind, giving, compassionate, and loving.  Proud to call this community my home.

Have a fabulous day!

Karen (Irvine) Allen