Property Values and Good Public Schools

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HOME PROPERTY VALUE HINGES ON HEALTH OF SURROUNDING AREA (Grand Rapids Press - Your Money Headline, September 12, 2011).  "Buying a home that declines sharply in property value can put you underwater on your mortgage, erode your net worth and leave you unable to relocate for a new job or adapt to a change in household income."  Andrew Schiller, creator of a real estate research website, says that having desirable amenities within the neighborhood is the second major factor in whether a neighborhood will appreciate or decline in property value.  The top two key amenities that can add value to a neighborhood are 1.) Low crime rates and 2.) GOOD PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

The bond proposal being placed before voters is more than a replacement pool.  It is also a major renovation of the athletic/activities wing of the high school.   The renovations to the athletic/activity wing and tennis courts are estimated at $5 million.  The new pool and diving area is estimated at $6.9 million.  If approved by voters this will ensure the entire high school is in good shape for the next 30 years.   Go to and click on the "tax calculator" to get an estimate of what your investment would be.