A Steady Drip - Well, Maybe a Fire Hose

posted Apr 20, 2012, 5:40 AM by mpaskewicz@nvps.net   [ updated Apr 20, 2012, 5:40 AM ]
April 20, 2012

Good Morning,

I know that we have given you a very steady drip of information about the upcoming bond election.  Well, maybe it feels like a fire hose open all the way. 

At this point in time it may feel like we have gone overboard with our effort to provide information to you and the community at large.  However, in the November 2011 Bond election, over 1,700 parents who were registered to vote did not make it to the polls and I am trying to reach as many people as possible with factual information regarding the bond proposal.

For those of you who, as one person shared with me, "get it" - thank you.  For those of you who are just now finding time to read the piled up emails - thanks for putting May 8 on your calendar.

Please pass along the following information about the May 8 Bond Election to your circles of influence. 

REMEMBER TO VOTE ON MAY 8, 2012.  The bond proposal being placed before voters is more than a replacement pool.  It is also a major renovation of the athletic/activities wing of the high school.   The renovations to the athletic/activity wing and tennis courts are estimated at $5 million.  The new pool and diving area is estimated at $6.9 million.If approved by voters this will ensure the entire high school is in good shape for the next 30 years.

    • Did you know that our boys and girls swim teams were awarded Academic All State Honors this year? 
    • Did you know that our boys basketball team was awarded Academic All State Honors this year?
    • The athletic wing lobby and concessions are renovated.  The lobby also serves as space for lunch periods during the school day. 
    • Team and physical education locker rooms are renovated and improved.
    • Hallways, stairs, and elevator areas are renovated allowing for safety and security improvements.
    • Renovations allow for the athletic/activity wing of the high school to be used on weekends.  Allows for increased community use on the weekends.
    • The existing 40-year-old pool is filled in and space is renovated into a fitness center complete with weights and fitness machines. This space will be available to community members for use at designated times during the week.
    • Renovation of the existing tennis courts.
    • A new 8-lane competition pool and diving area, including locker rooms and spectator balcony.  It  allows for increased time for community open swim, community swim teams, rental by YMCA for programs, 4th grade drown proofing, physical education classes for lifetime fitness, Kent County Sheriff Department water rescue training, and continuing the female/male high school and middle school swim teams that help us address Title IX requirements.
    •  Did you know that a Northview household with residents under age 65 who do not itemize taxes would invest $6.13 per month if the May 8 bond is approved by voters?
    • Go to www.nvps.net and click on the "tax calculator" to get an estimate of what your investment would be.

Sincerely and With Great Respect,

Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent
Northview Public Schools