.... and things the Media did not cover the first two weeks of school

posted Sep 16, 2011, 10:27 AM by mpaskewicz@nvps.net   [ updated Sep 16, 2011, 11:55 AM ]
So often the media chooses or is forced into the coverage of stories that are negative in nature.  I continue to be encouraged by the small and large miracles that happen in our schools every day but are very seldom given coverage on the nightly news or the evening papers.  Here is just a sampling of "the things the media did not cover in the first two weeks of the school year in Northview."

  • Two high school Spanish teachers, Deb and Carl, singing and dancing to a popular song tune in front of their students.  Created laughs and a motivation for learning a second language.
  • High school counseling staff working with students and parents to finalize and adjust class schedules in a short amount of time.
  • 1,200 high school students leaving for the day, demonstrating appropriate and respectful behavior to each other and adults.  Each with a backpack full of homework and books to read.
  • 150 band members, parent volunteers, and staff practicing until 9:00 p.m. under the lights.  Making sure their performance is meeting the high standards.
  • 300 students and coaches  involved in fall sports.
  • The entire ballet of finding room to practice because so many participate.
  • The 42 year veteran teacher, Ted, who brings the enthusiasm and energy of a first year teacher, every day, every hour, arriving at 6:15 a.m.
  • The countless number of staff members who were in their classrooms throughout August, making sure they were ready for the start of school.
  • The custodian, Briget, who cleaned the rooms and then notified each teacher when their room was available for work.
  • The grounds, maintenance, and custodial crew who worked tirelessly over the summer to put a shine on 40 year old buildings.
  • The carpenter, John, who is an artist with wood and created the "Its About the Kids - School Bell Award" wall of fame that hangs in "The Max."
  • The para professional, Jan, who took a special needs, student's notebook to his grandparents home so that he could have it for the weekend.  She did this at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday.
  • The Dad's of Great Students (DOGS) being organized by dad volunteers and the principals, Teya and Tricia.
  • The principal, Dan and his staff, who ran a session for incoming 5th grade students and their families, ending with pizza lunch - a week before school started.
  • The principal, Jerry, who was seen dumping the contents of a  50 gallon playground trash can in the dumpster because it needed to be done and then joined 8 staff members for bus duty after school.
  • The 15 adults, teachers, principals, and support staff who are outside of North and Highlands, ensuring that the kids who transfer buses, get on the right bus.
  • The Deaf/Hard of Hearing director, Bob, and the Special Education director, Dan making sure all new families to our district feel as though they have been here all their lives.
  • The schools-of-choice lead, Kathy, answering hundreds of questions about choice while making each caller/visitor feel as though they were the only call received that day.  More people want to be in Northview than our seats allow.  She is also the editor of  Northview News and the district web site.
  • The staff at East Campus working on an eligibility issue with the NCAA for a student who attends a college in Ohio and took summer school classes at East Campus - two years ago.
  • The custodian, Mike, who painted tables with "white board paint" so students had yet another way to learn.
  • The transportation director, Steve, who stayed late to tweak bus runs to make them even more efficient.
  • The summer "Northview Book Mobile" that did three runs over the summer just to make sure that kids had books to read.  Staff donated their time.
  • All staff in Northview agreeing to take a freeze in base/step salary and pay 10% of their health care costs for two years - this was after a freeze in pay for last year.  Staff did this to preserve programs and activities for our students.
  • Campus Life providing yet another group of adults to play a part in the development of our students.
  • The capture of the skunk that lived under the Day Care classroom.
  • The large percentage of teachers who took classes, seminars, and workshops over the summer to increase their already strong skill set.
  • The district receiving an award for Energy Conservation - nearly $250,000 in savings because staff and students pay attention to energy conservation strategies.
  • The central office staff making sure everything was loaded in budgets and orders were processed to insure a smooth start for students and staff.
  • The food service director, Jan, making sure the freezers were stocked well for the first week.
  • The food service lead, Rene, painting the bedroom of a colleague who was in Hospice care.
These are just a few of the "things the media did not cover the first two weeks of school."  Small and large miracles happen everyday in the Northview Public Schools.  We don't expect coverage.  We do these things because "WE ARE NORTHVIEW."

As always, feel free to share this with your circles of influence.  You may contact me directly at mpaskewicz@nvps.net if you have questions or comments.