* Talent Show 2014



4th, 3rd & 2nd grade students are selected by audition


Auditions: February 26 & 27 in your Music Class (or recess)


Show: Wed., April 2, 2014, 1:00 - 2:30 pm in the Gym


·         Attention all students who have a PRACTICED TALENT.

·         We are looking for singers, instrumentalists, dancers, gymnasts, comedians, etc. 

·         Acts must be no longer than 2:00 minutes. Also, your act may be shortened.

·         Singers must provide a karaoke CD, live accompaniment or sing without accompaniment.

·         Check out www.thekaraokechannel.com, iTunes, etc. for karaoke tracks

·         Singers cannot sing along with a regular CD. No lip-syncing.

·         Dancers, gymnasts, etc. must perform with a background music CD.

·         Lyrics, vocal range and skits must be appropriate for all students. 

·         Students may audition for one solo and/or one group.

·         All group members must submit a signed form.

·         Auditions are during music class (or recess) the week of Feb. 26 & 27

·         Fill out the form below and return by February 14 if your child is interested in auditioning

·         Plan practice times carefully (especially groups).

·         You must be performance ready at your audition. Practice in front of an audience.

·         Groups: everyone in the group must be ready or your group will not be selected for the show.

·         Parents: help your child prepare for their audition. Students: practice with adults watching.

·         Because of time & number limits, we will not be able to accept every act (approx. 20 acts max)


Practice, Practice, Practice!

Mr. Sinigos