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Please read the syllabus as it outlines much of what takes place daily in the classroom.  Vocabulary is a huge part of Pre-Algebra and Algebra.   Examples are always provided along with the definitions-either in class, on the videos, or both.  If you are not completing them this will have a negative effect on your performance. 

Absences: You are still responsible for the days work.  Look at the website to see what problems/videos were due/done in class that day, and what was assigned as homework.   Show this to me when you return. 

Videos:  Watch them to learn from them...don't watch them just to complete them.  Remember it is your responsibility to show the work to me, especially if it's late or completed during academic lunch.  Videos can be watched in the IMC during Advisory, or after school, as most days the IMC is open.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a late bus is provided.

Cell Phones:  I would appreciate it if they were left in your locker, or "off" and in your pocket.  There is a time for their use, but class time is not one of them.  Many social issues are a result of their use during school time.  Please refrain from bringing it to class.  Thanks.
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