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Algebra 2012-2013

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Current Unit

Unit Review Answers
           chap 11 review w/answers

Unit Six/Chapter 12
Learning Target
                    chapter 12 I can statements
                    chapter 12 vocabulary

5/13/13  12.1 Graphing Rational Functions
graphing rational functions and vertical asymptotes
                         identifying types of functions

5/17/13   12.2
Simplifying Rational Expressions
simplifying a rational expression

5/20/13  12.3
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
multiplying a rational expression
dividing a rational expression

5/21/13  12.4 
Dividing Polynomials
                           dividing a polynomial

5/24/13  5.6    Inverse Variation - Pearson Videos
                            inverse variation explained
                Test Review
12-1 lesson quiz
12-2 lesson quiz
                    12-3 lesson quiz
                    12-4 lesson quiz
                    5-6 lesson quiz

Unit Six/Chapter 11
           Learning Targets :
                    chapter 11 I can statements
                    chapter 11 vocabulary
 4/30-5/1     Lesson 11.1
                            simplifying radicals-products
                            simplifying radicals-quotients

    5/2              Lesson 11.2
                             sums and differences of radicals

    5/3-5/6      Lesson 11.2
                        products and quotients of radicals

            Unit Review              
                   Chapter 10 Practice Test
               Chapter 9 Practice Test

                    Lesson 11.3
                        radical equations

                    Lesson 11.4
                        graphing square root functions

     Chapter Review
            Practice Test Chapter 11  avoid sin, cos, tan, angle of elevation/depression
               Practice by Lessons
                            lesson 11.1
                            lesson 11.2
                            lesson 11.3
                            lesson 11.4

Unit Five/Chapter 10
Learning Targets:
I can statements chapter 10
                       vocabulary chapter 10 quadratics

                        Sec 10-1 to 10-3 Story Problems  and answers            
10-1 to 10-3 Checkpoint Quiz Answers

10-4 and 10-5 answers
Chapter Ten Review w/answers

Lesson Videos:
   3/26/13      Lesson 10.1
exploring and graphing quadratics
exploring quadratics pt. 2
    4/8/13      Lesson 10.2
graphing quadratic inequalities
                                        applying quadratics to real world problems

    4/9/13        Lesson 10.3
solving a quadratic by using square roots
  4/10/13    Quiz Review
                                Lesson 10.1
                                Lesson 10.2
                                Lesson 10.3
   4/11/13     Lesson 10.4
solving a quadratic by factoring
   4/12/13      Lesson 10.5
solving a quadratic by completing the square
completing the square - "a" case
    4/15/13       Lesson 10.6
                                        solving using the Quadratic Formula
                                        choosing the best method for solving a quadratic
    4/16/13        Lesson 10.7
using the discriminant to find the number of solutions  
                       Lesson 10.8
choosing a linear, quadratic, or exponential model 

            Test Review
                        CHAPTER TEN PRACTICE TEST

Unit Four/Chapter 9
Learning Targets:
                      I can statements chapter 9

                  Vocabulary Chapter 9

          3/5      lesson 9.1
                              adding and subtracting polynomials
          3/6       lesson 9.2
                               multiplying and factoring polynomials

         3/11      lesson 9.3
                                multiplying binomials and trinomials using foil and area model
        3/12       lesson 9.4
                                Multiplying Special Cases

  3/18-3/20  quiz review
                                    lesson quiz 9.1
                                    lesson quiz 9.2
                                    lesson quiz 9.3
                                    lesson quiz 9.4

        3/13      lesson 9.7
                                factoring special cases-perfect square trinomials and difference of squares

       3/18        lesson 9.5
                                factoring trinomials x2 + bx + c

       3/19        lesson 9.6
                                factoring trinomials ax2 + bx +c
        3/20       lesson 9.8
                                factoring by grouping
                                factoring a trinomial by grouping
                          Practice Test

Unit Four/Chapter

Learning Targets :
                      Chapter 8 I Can Statements
                 Chapter 8 Vocab
Chapter Review w/answers
Chapter Test Answers
Lesson Videos:
   2/4     lesson 8.1
simplifying exponential algebraic expressions including negative values
evaluating exponential expressions    
                        simplifying exponential expressions

                            related video problems
       2/5       lesson 8.2
                         scientific notation and ordering

                         multiplying and dividing with scientific notation
                            related video problems
        2/6      lesson 8.3
                        multiplying powers with same base

                        multiplying powers in an algebraic expression
                        multiplying and dividing numbers in scientific notation
                            related video problems
lesson 8.4
                        power of a power
                        raising a product to a power
                        powers and scientific notation
                                related video problems
Quiz Review
                          lesson 8.1
                          lesson 8.2
                          lesson 8.3

lesson 8.4                 
lesson 8.5
                        dividing powers with the same base
                        powers of quotients
                                related video problems
  2/14 - 2/15
  lesson rational exponents/radicands
                            simplifying radicals
                            radicals to rational exponents  pt 1
                            radicals to rational exponents  pt 2
                                related video problems
2/20   lesson 8.7
                            evaluating an exponential function
                            graphing an exponential function
                                related video problems
lesson 8.8
                            modeling exponential growth
                            modeling exponential decay
                                related video problems
      2/22   lesson 8.8
                            compound interest problems
                                related video problems
lesson 8.6
                             geometric sequences and finding the nth term
                                related video problems
Test Review
                            chapter 8 practice test

Unit Three/Chapter 7

Learning Targets:

                    Chapter Seven I Can        
                  Chapter Seven Vocabulary 
Lesson Videos:
           1/7   lesson 7.1
                                solving systems of equations by graphing - PH
                                interpreting a system of equations - PH
                                Analyzing a system of equations - PH
do these related problems
           1/8   lesson 7.2
                                 solving a system of equations by substitution -PH
do these related problems                         
          1/9    lesson 7.3
                                solving a system of equations by elimination by adding
                                solving a system of equations by elimination method-by multiplying first

                                              do these related problems
1/16-1/18 (New)Special Types of Linear Systems
                                 special Types of systems -YT
do these related problems                            
                   Quiz Review
                            lesson 7.1 quiz
                            lesson  7.2 quiz
                            lesson 7.3 quiz
          1/22  lesson 7-4
                                application of a linear system - PH
                                application of a linear system/break even point - PH
                                                   do these related problems                                                                           
         1/23  lesson 7-5
                                graphing linear inequalties - YT
                                    another linear inequality video if first does not work
                                             do these related problems 
lesson 7-6
                                 solving a system of linear inequalities - YT
                                              do these related problems
           1/25 lesson 7-6
                                   using a system of linear inequalities
                                                do these related video problems
                    Test Review - do on lined paper
                            Practice Test

Unit Three/Chapter 6

Learning Targets:
                       Chapter 6  I Can Statements

                   Chapter 6 Vocab
Lesson Videos:
11/30 lesson 6.1
Finding slope
                              Finding slope from coordinates (x,y)
                              Finding the slope of a horizontal and vertical line
                                       HW-Do these related problems
                  12/3  lesson 5.5
                              What is direct variation
                              Using a proportion to set up a direct variation equation
                                        HW-Do these related problems
                  12/4  lesson 6.2
                                 graphing a linear equation using slope and y-intercept  PV
                                 write linear equations in slope intercept form  PV
                                 writing an linear equation from a graph  PV
                                        HW-Do these related problems
                   12/5  lesson 6.5
                                  graphing using point-slope form  PV
                                  writing an equation in point slope form  PV
                                   writing an equation in point slope form from a graph  PV
                                         HW-Do these related problems
                   12/6   quiz review
                                  lesson 6.1
                                  lesson 6.2
                                  lesson 6.5
                                  lesson 5.5
                   12/10   lesson 6.4
                                    graphing linear equations using intercepts PV
                                    finding x and y intercepts PV
                                    graphing horizontal and vertical lines
                                            HW-Do these related problems 
                   12/11     lesson 6.3
                                    modeling real world situations using linear graphs PV
                                    analyzing linear graphs PV
HW-Do these related problems
                  12/12      lesson 6.6
                                    determining if lines are parallel PV
                                    determining if lines are perpendicular PV
                                    writing equations of parallel lines PV
                                    writing equations of perpendicular lines PV
                                            HW-Do these related problems 
                   12/13     lesson 6.7
                                     writing an equation for a trend line PV
                                     writing an equation for a line of best fit PV
                                           HW-do this related problem
                   12/14     lesson 6.8
                                     graphing a vertical translation  PV
                                     writing an equation for a vertical translation of an absolute value equation  PV
                                     graphing a horizontal translation  PV
                                     writing an equation for a horizontal translation of an absolute value equation  PV
                                            HW-Do these related problems
                     12/17  inverse functions
                                       writing the inverse of a linear equation
                                              HW-Do these related problems
                      12/19  Test Review
                                    Chapter 6 Test Review
                                 Test Review Worksheet Answers

Unit Two/Chapter 5             
Learning Targets:
chapter 5 I can statements

chapter 5 vocabulary

  Lesson Videos:
lesson 5.1
                             interpreting a graph  - pearson video
                            sketching a graph related to events
  - pearson video
                     lesson 5.2 
                            identifying functions   - pearson video
                            writing a function rule from a table
                            finding the range from a given domain   - pearson video            
                     lesson 5.3
                            how to view a function - pearson video
                            discrete vs continuous data - pearson video
                    lesson Quiz Review
                             lesson quiz 5.1
                             lesson quiz 5.2
                             lesson quiz 5.3
                   11/13   patterns and non-linear functions
                              graphing a non-linear function - pearson video
                              non-linear pattern
                     11/14  lesson 5.4
                               writing a function rule from a table
                               writing a function rule from words - pearson video
                      11/15  lesson 5.7
finding a common difference - pearson video
                                 finding the nth term of a arithmetic sequence

                     Test Review Worksheet answers
                              Test Review
                                chapter 5 test review - don't do direct or indirect variation problems

Unit Two/Chapter 4

           Learning Targets:
                        chapter 4  I can statements

                        chapter 4 vocabulary

            Lesson Videos:
                       lesson 4.1 inequalities and their graphs
                                         writing inequalities-pearson video
                       lesson 4.2 solving inequalities using addition and subtraction
                       lesson 4.3 solving inequalities using multiplication and division
                                4.1 lesson quiz
                                4.2 lesson quiz
                                4.3 lesson quiz
                       lesson 4.4 multi-step inequalities
                       working with sets:
                                   set notation

                       lesson 4.5 compound inequalities
                       lesson 4.6 absolute value equations
                                          absolute value inequalities

                       lesson unions and intersections
                       Test Review
                                 chapter 4 practice test

Unit One/Chapter 3
Learning Targets:
                     chapter 3 I Can Statements

                     Chap 3 Vocabulary

Lesson Videos:
  lesson 3.1 solving two step equations
                            lesson 3.2 solving
multi-step equations
                            lesson 3.3:  Equations with variables on both sides
                                                   Equations using the distributive property
                                                   Special Cases-no solution, many solutions, and identity
                     Literal Equations
                            3.1 solving equations quiz
                            3.2 multi-step equations
                            3.3 distributive property
                     Rates, Ratios and Conversion factors:
                                           unit rates
                                           proportions and cross products
                                           unit analysis and
                                           multi step proportions
                     lesson 3.5 Proportions and Similar Figures
                     lesson 3.7 : Percent of Change

                                            Greatest Possible Error
                                            Percent of Error
                     Test Review
                                         chapter three practice test

Unit One Review
study lesson quizzes above for those area's you struggled most!!!

Unit One/ Chapter 1 & 2
            Learning Targets:        
Chapter One I Can Statements
Chapter Two I Can Statements
  Chap 1 and 2 vocab
            Lesson Videos:          

lesson 1.1 writing algebraic expressions
lesson 1.1 equations
lesson 1.2 exponents and order of operations
                lesson 1.2 evaluating expressions
                lesson 1.3 classifying and ordering real numbers and square roots
                lesson 2.5 properties of numbers
                Quiz # 1:
                             practice quiz 1.1
                             practice quiz 1.2
                            practice quiz 1.3
                            practice quiz 3.8
                            practice quiz 2.5
adding and subtracting real numbers: adding rational numbers 
                                                                                    subtracting rational numbers
                                                                                    solving problems with rationals
                                                                                     adding and subtracting fractions
                 mult and dividing real numbers              
lesson 2.4 distributive property and simplifying using the distributive prop.
                lesson 1.4 independent and dependent variables
                                  finding a reasonable domain and range
                                  writing a rule from a table
                                  relationships and functions

                  Test Review
                                  Chapter One
                                   practice quiz 1.4
                                    practice quiz 2.4
Unit Test Review
Chapter 7 review w/answers


Data and Probability Unit
                     Learning Targets:


UNIT REVIEW W/ANSWERS Chapter 11 and 12