7th Grade Humanities (Team C)

Hawaii's Royal History, Chp 12, p. 93-103
    File Bibliography.pdf (PDF 73 KB)
    A student guide to creating a bibliography

    Kamehameha I (PDF 3.21 MB)
    A short biography of Kamehameha the Great

    Kamehameha II (PDF 11.57 MB)
    A short biography of 'Iolani Liholiho, Hawai'i's 2nd monarch

    Kamehameha III (PDF 11.99 MB)
    A short biography of Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa Kuakamanolani Mahinalani Kalaninuiwaiakua Keaweawe'ulaokalani, Hawai'i's 3rd monarch

    Kamehameha IV (PDF 7.04 MB)
    A short biography of Alexander Liholiho 'Iolani, Hawai'i's 4th monarch

    Kamehameha V (PDF 6.79 MB)
    A short biography of Lot Kapuaiwa, Hawai'i's 5th monarch

    Lunalilo (PDF 6.08 MB)
    A short biography of William Charles Lunalilo, Hawai'i's 6th monarch

    Kalakaua (PDF 7.72 MB)
    A short biography of David Kalakaua, Hawai'i's 7th monarch

    Lili'uokalani (PDF 6.05 MB)
    A short biography of Lili'u Kamaka'eha, Hawai'i's 8th and last monarch

    File editorial guide.docx (DOCX 78 KB)

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