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Updates from 9/21 TEBA meeting

posted May 30, 2008, 9:37 PM by Bill Doherty

Based on our discussions at the TEBA meeting, we have changed the format of the core skills document to reflect broad skills objectives, instead of a laundry list of skills. I have noted additions in green, and items designated most important in red.

The groupings are also open to discussion. We have started with these groupings because they fit well with the way our classes are organized. We have to process the paperwork this week if we hope to offer the revised classes by August 2008, so this list was our best shot to meet the deadline. We will use the input from this process for the next revision cycle.

The revised list of Core Skills Objectives is here: ICT Core Skills

Please post any and all comments about the content, format or process here and we'll work them in.