The TICCIH specialist section for hydroelectricity and the electrochemical industry is a forum for TICCIH members and others interested in the history and heritage of hydroelectricity and the electrochemical industry. In many places development of the electrochemical and hydroelectricity industries were closely related, especially in connection with the breakthrough of large scale hydroelectricity production associated with the second industrial revolution.

The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH) is the world organisation for industrial heritage, promoting preservation, conservation, investigation, documentation, research and interpretation of our industrial heritage. For more information on TICCIH, please see the organisation's main website,

TICCIH organises thematic sections to help the members with specific interests to meet, communicate and collaborate with one another, promote the study and conservation of the heritage of each section. The section for hydroelectricity and electrochemical industry was initiated at the TICCIH Congress in Terni, Italy, in 2006. The Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry has been given the tasks of secretariat for the section.

We invite all those who are interested in the section's subject area to join the section. (Membership of TICCIH is not a prerequisite for participating in section activities.)

The section's goals and tasks, based on TICCIH's standard aims and objectives for their specialist sections, are – in short:
  • to establish the new section as a well functioning network of interested members
  • to organize activities that promote TICCIH, exchange of knowledge, and conservation of cultural heritage concerning hydroelectricity development and production and the electrochemical industry
  • to establish a list/database of hydropower- and electrochemical plants thought to be of international historical interest

Historic sites – please help us collect data

The section is collecting data for an inventory of historic hydroelectric and electrochemical sites internationally. To accomplish this task we depend on the voluntary efforts of section members and others.

You can help by sending us information about:

  • hydroelectric power plants and schemes
  • electrochemical plants
  • relevant national reports, listings or preservation plans for industrial heritage or specifically for the (hydro)electric or electrochemical sector
  • persons, authorities or institutions in each country who may have information on any of the above

In the case of hydroelectric plants we encourage you to use our registration form (even if many fields are left empty). All other information should be emailed to

Latest section news

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  • Call for assistance Among its activities, the section works to build a list of hydroelectric and electrochemical sites thought to be of international historical importance. With limited resources, we depend on section members ...
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  • Minutes and presentation from section meeting The minutes from the section meeting held on 31 August 2009, during the TICCIH Congress in Freiberg, are now available for download: Minutes TICCIH HydElChem meeting in Freiberg.doc. At ...
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  • Hydroelectricity session in Freiberg The section organized the session Hydroelectricity Heritage at the TICCIH Congress in Freiberg. This session focused on the recording and documentation of the hydroelectricity heritage. The session was prepared by ...
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  • Event in Terrassa postponed – section meeting in Freiberg Two years after the conference Le patrimoine industriel de l’hydraulique et de l’électricité in Divonne-les-Bains and Geneva (7–9 June 2007), the Museu de la Ciència ...
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