Training completed - core systems "Go Live" on March 15th!

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Staff training has been taking place over the past two weeks. Dr Kryskow signed off on the data transfer documents yesterday, allowing for final conversion of clinical data into a production server, to go on-line on Sunday March 14th.  Staff will be coming in on Sunday to check over our new production server and be prepared for Monday's "Go Live" in all four NVHA clinics.

On Monday, two very talented Intrahealth trainers (Amrit Kang and Serene Nurmohamed),
our Project Manager, Stan Shaw and PITO's project manager, Brigitte Mettler will be there to support our clinics as we "Go Live".  This is an exciting time, but please be patient - we're all learning a brand new medical records system!

PITO and Business Analyst visit to New Aiynash January 11th - 12th

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Our business analyst, Ryan Taylor and Brigitte Mettler from the Physician Information  Technology Office (PITO) will be visiting New Aiyansh, together with our project manager, Stan Shaw next week.  They will be reviewing functional requirements for our new EMR project with clinical staff, as well as doing performance tests on a special server set up by Intrahealth for this purpose.

Data conversion now underway

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Test data is now being converted from our  present Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to the new patient system that will use software by  Intrahealth. For more information about our new EMR, Intrahealth Profile, which has been endorsed by the BCMA Physician Information Technology Office (PITO), see  In the meantime, we will continue to use our old EMR system.  The next two months will be very busy ones for the projct as test environments are created and careful testing and configuration is done in collaboration with our very active Clinical Advisory Group of NVHA staff members.  We are currently on-track to "Go Live" with core features of our new EMR in mid-March!

Draft Functional requirements and Privacy Impact Assessment now completed

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Core functional requirements have been drafted following on-site interviews conducted just before Christmas.  They are now being reviewed by our Clinical Advisory Group and are expected to be finalized by mid January.

In addition, a formal Privacy Impact Assessment has been drafted and is also under review.  It will form the basis of policies, procedures and specialized training that will be provided to our staff to ensure electronic medical records meet legislated requirements and respect First Nations OCAP principles in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our community residents.

Our EMR Project Kick-Off Meeting

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The EMR Project Kick-Off Meeting ws held on October 22nd at the James Samuel Gosnell Health Centre Board Room. Video and Teleconference sessions linked Clinical Staff and Project Team Members located at all four clinic sites.  Derek Leung from Health Canada and Gavin Eaton, CEO of the newly formed BC First Nations eHealth Centre of Excellence joined the teleconference as guests.

Click here to view the presentation
that was given during the meeting by Stan Shaw, our new Project Manager.

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