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National PTA and Scholastic 
Parent Support Resource

Learning Heroes, in conjunction with The National Parent Teacher Association and Scholastic, have released "The Super 5" an interactive checklist designed to help parents foster a deeper understanding of what their child is learning at school and how to best assist them at any grade level. The checklist features nearly 20 links to resources focusing on a wide arrange of communications issues, including the best ways for parents to define what "success" is for their child in the upcoming school year; how to have a highly effective parent-teacher conversation; and, detailed information on the standardized tests in each state. The checklist also features guides for parents to help them better understand the social challenges that their kids face as they grow up in a highly connected and tech-savvy world. 

The checklist and guidelines also contain links to learning tools that are aligned to the curricula of specific grades in Nevada. The learning tools, also developed and compiled by Learning Heroes, don't just focus on mathematics and English language arts; there are also dozens of resources focusing on specific assessments, college-readiness measurements, along with the development of social and critical-thinking skills.