Welcome to National History Day

This year you will be completing a project focused on the study of history. This project will help you do much of the following:
  1. Develop questions, plan an inquiry, and create a thesis.
  2. Apply the social studies disciplinary concepts through the lens of history.
  3. Conduct extensive research by analyzing and evaluating primary and secondary sources, which are incorporated into argumentative and explanatory text that involves clear and sustained writing, which is backed up by annotated citations.
  4. Utilize evidence to communicate conclusions via their final project (essay, exhibit, website, documentary, performance) and present and defend it to classmates at the basic level and to judges at the competition level.
2019 NHD Student Packet

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Project Rubrics:
NHD Judging Rubric (Note: each project has its own rubric, all rubrics are in this one single document)

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