Given the opportunity, anyone can learn, grow and succeed. Not always at the same pace but growth will happen if the opportunity that is given is embraced.
 How to succeed in P.E.
    1. Come to class on a daily basis with         an open mind and a willingness to             participate.
    2. NEVER say "I cant't" do something         or "I'm not good" at something.                 Everyone is here to learn and it is             my belief that everyone can learn             anything. 
    3. Respect others, the equipment                and yourself.
    4. If you need extra help, ask for it!
    5. Have FUN!
P.E. Corner
Every unit students will be tested on their knowledge and ability to execute each skill learned. Parents, I encourage you to work with you child daily on the skills associated with each unit.

Please check out the Spotlight on Learning tab regularly to keep up on each unit. 

*Each unit has two tests students take to show their understanding and ability to perform learned skills.