2015-2016 WCTA AP Testing Dates 

Monday, 8/24 School Begins
Wednesday, 9/16 Open House
Wednesday, 9/16 $15 Deposit (per test/class) Due BEFORE Open House
Tuesday, 12/15 50% Payment Due
Friday, 3/18 50% Payment and Final Balance Due
 Pre-Registration Meetings during school
 AP Testing Week 1
 AP Testing Week 2

West CTA believes that all students should have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement courses. Students will be encouraged to work to the highest level of their potential in an encouraging and supportive environment. Advanced learning is the ultimate result. 

An AP course is considered a college-level class that may result in a student earning college credit; students must be certain they are ready to meet the challenges of a college curriculum. They must be organized and self-disciplined, with above average reading and writing skills. Learning is only successful when students are actively engaged in the process; therefore, what they achieve will depend on their personal commitment and involvement. Parents/guardians should be aware that the rigor of an AP course(s) may impact the time and preparation a student must undertake at home. Some courses also require summer reading and/or writing assignments.

After completing the AP course students should be well prepared for the exam that culminates each course. The culminating assessment for an AP course is the AP Examination; all students are required to sit for the examination in May. The cost of the exam is $92. Financial assistance is available. You may contact our AP Coordinator for more information. WCTA requires a $15 deposit for all AP Tests. This deposit is not refundable and is due by Open House on September 16, 2015.