Welcome to Quest Expo 2017

New this year — our searchable QUEST website! Enter a student’s name, project discipline, or room number and click “Search this Site” to find what you are looking for! 

Over 240 ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade Quest Projects will be on display April 6 from 6-9 PM at our Bay Meadows campus! 

The “Wordle” above shows the disciplines of the Quests; there is sure to be something for everyone! 

Performances will be held in the Café and will include opera, dance, instrumental music, and drama. See the posted schedule of performances in the Café, and on each floor by the stairs.

Filmmaking Quests will be in a viewing room (Room 172). 

Our students invent their own learning journeys each year and carry them to completion — a practice that we hope they will continue for the rest of their lives in one form or another!

About Quest

Design Thinking in action, the Nueva Quest gives students the unique opportunity to pursue their own interests throughout their four years of high school. 

Working with their Advisors, I-Lab Team Members, and Nueva Quest teachers, students identify and craft their own personal in-depth inquiry in a self-selected area of evolving passion or in pursuit of a deep question. They may elect to pursue one field of study over four years or frame and complete a series of different Quests, each taking one or more years. Mentors, online resources, classes, and internships support them in their improved mastery in their areas of passion while teaching them how to recruit mentors and navigate in the real world. Quest is an extension of the eighth grade Recital Project established more than 25 years ago, and successfully completed by nearly 1,000 Nueva students. 

Quest is a further sophistication and application of Design Thinking as students:

  • Identify their own needs and interests through reflection, observation, exploration, and inquiry.
  • Research to learn subject matter, identify experts, and locate resources/mentors.
  • Immerse themselves in deep thinking and empathy, developing deeper understanding of their interest area and of themselves.
  • Invent a course of study and/or action, large enough to allow for personal growth and bounded enough to enable success.
  • Brainstorm potential obstacles and issues; invent and analyze courses of action.
  • Prototype in a cycle that allows for incorporation of feedback on an iterative basis.
  • Persevere to accomplish their personal goals.  

As visitors to the Nueva School from around the world have heard about our students’ Quests and seen their ownership of their projects, they have gone back to implement Quest at their schools to prepare their students for their future lives. Quest builds many crucial skills over time, such as delving into the unknown, effectively managing projects, building a thriving mentorship relationship, and developing a habit of taking action and making one’s dreams come true.

Thank You’s!

Quest takes a village!

Many thanks to Diane Rosenberg for envisioning Quest and for her consistent belief in the importance of this program for our students.

Many thanks to Stephen, Mike, Amanda, and our Grade Level Deans: Hillary, Alexa, Barry, Jan & Aron for their huge support of Quest.

Thank you to all of the faculty and staff advisors for helping each student brainstorm their initial Quest ideas into a plan of action: Alexa,  Amrit,  Anna,  Barry, Ben, Brian, Carl, Chris B., Chris S., Claire, Cole, Connie, Courtney, Dan, Danielle, Diane, Francine, Gabe, Grant, Hillary, Jan, Jen, Jeremy, Jo, Joel, Julietta, Lee, Leonard, Les, Lily, Luke, Mandy, Michaela, Mike, Patrick, Paul, Rana, Shirley, Stephanie P., Stephanie S., Stephen, Veronique, Vivian, and Wesley.

Thank you to the 9th Grade Quest Teachers, Hillary, Carl, Connie, Rob, and Scott, for helping our new students navigate Quest all year long! 

Thank you to Drew and Lisa and their Facilities Team for the tremendous support in all the behind-the-scenes pre-work to transform a functioning high school into a showplace for the simultaneous viewing of 240 Quest projects!

Thank you to Chef Robert and his crew for their hard work in designing, creating, and setting up such beautiful and delicious food and beverages for Quest Expo (and for enthusiastically agreeing to have several “Food Quests” serve out of the kitchen!

Thank you to Meghan and Caron for their cheerful and invaluable support with all kinds of logistics, printing, and general attention to details that makes Quest Expo flow well. Much appreciated!

Thank you to Bryan and his Tech Team for being so easy to work with and tirelessly thorough in their pre-work to make sure each student has the electrical power and other needed equipment to be able to best present their Quests.

Thank you to Aisha and her Graphic Design students (Ariana, Audrey, Briana, Gregoire, Jackie, Polina, Toby, & Zoe) for the creation of the Quest Expo posters, nametags, wayfinding, program cover, searchable website, and the entire theme! Working on a tight deadline, you all really came through with beautiful and effective designs. Quest Expo has never looked so beautiful!

Thank you to Jen for her technical support in all areas and her willingness to pitch in to create the content of the program, as well as advise Zoe, as needed, with the new Quest website.

Finally, thank you, to all of our 9th, 10th, and 11th graders who navigated the unknown and followed their hearts, as they realized their Quests in the world inspiring others to greater heights! I personally want to thank each and every one of you for taking the risks, making the difficult decisions, persistently tracking down what was needed to maintain forward momentum, and for sharing your process with all of us. You are all more inspiring than you even may realize to the rest of us!

With Gratitude,



Kim Saxe

Founding Director, Quest Program

Director of the Innovation Labs

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