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Cyber and Network Security

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With the current advancements in networking applications and Internet technologies, there is an increased need of providing user and application security. The purpose of this course is to study current technologies and mechanisms of providing network security and built along these concepts to explore research directions and open problems in the field.

The course will include an interactive mechanism in which students will be required to maintain high level of interaction with the instructor. Group discussions and class presentations, projects, and other peer learning methods will also be encouraged. Research papers on open problems related to network security will be discussed.

Following major topics will be covered in the course.

-       Introduction to Network Security

-       Network Authentication Mechanisms

-       Denial of service Attacks

-       DNS and Email security

-       Web Security

-       IP Security

-       Firewalls

-       Malware

-       Intrusion Detection

-       Signin Mechanisms

-       Cyber Security Threats

-    Botnets

- Internet Search Poisoning

- Mobile Security

- Data and Cloud Security


Undergraduate courses in Computer Networks

Recommended Books


-       Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practices, William stallings.

-       Cryptography and Network Security. Behrouz A. Forouzan

-       Inside cyber warfare mapping the cyber underworld  

-       2nd edition . Author: Jeffrey Carr

-       Publisher: Orielly Date: December 2011


-       Malware: Fighting Malicious Code

Research Papers

In addition of the text book, we will also study research papers.