Current Scholarship List:

Mrs. Willis's announcements on twitter

Stay tuned here for the latest scholarship information in the NUHS guidance office. The information will be posted here as we receive it. Most local scholarships will be posted in December or January. 
Many scholarships have an online application which may require an essay. Students are encouraged to write the essay in Microsoft word, then copy/paste to the application so they can use spell checker, etc. Essays are very important!  

Tri-Rivers Career Center students are eligible to apply for every scholarship. 

Look for me on facebook: "North Union High School Guidance & Scholarship Information" and follow me on twitter: @NUHSguidance to stay up to date. Information will also be posted in the Class of 2018 Schoology Group.

Many online applications require students to put in an email for their school counselor. Seniors should use Mrs. Willis's email:   

Scholarships Available:

UNION COUNTY FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS - application is available online here

Students will need to create an account and complete these applications online. Scholarships may be used at 4 year, 2 year, and technical schools unless stated otherwise.  Please note Mrs. Willis will not do her part of the application until after we have first semester grades, and your part is complete. She will not process any incomplete or unsubmitted applications. (POSTED 12/5/17)


  • Burnside/Imbody/Fish Scholarship - due 3/1/18 - Amount varies (usually between $1000-$4000) must have a 3.5+ GPA; to be used at a four year college. Burnside link

  • Robert M. Fox Memorial Scholarship - due 3/1/18 - $900- students must have participated in 4-H or FFA Fox link

  • William Logan Krebehenne Memorial Scholarship- due 3/1/18 - amount varies ($1500) - student must be pursuing a degree in agriculture, healthcare, or natural resources. Krebehenne link

  • Dan M. Kyle Memorial Scholarship - due 3/1/18 - amount varies (usually between $500-$1200) - student must be attending a four year university Kyle link

  • Richwood Area Business Association - due 3/1/18 - minimum of $500 - for a graduating senior from NUHS who may be planning to major in a business-related field; or have a plan in the future to be a business owner, which may not require a business-related major. (For example, a student who will study HVAC and plans to own a HVAC company; or a pre-vet student who wants to run their own veterinary clinic). The opportunities are endless with this scholarship.  RABA link

  • Rita Rubeck Parker Scholarship - due 3/1/18 - $1000 - for any graduating senior demonstrating financial need. Mrs. Parker may award up to three scholarships. Rubeck-Parker link

  • Bob and Eula Jean Davis Memorial Scholarship - due 3/1/18 - $1500 - NEW FOR 2018 - In memory of Bob, a York Center High School graduate, and Eula Jean, a Richwood High School graduate, for a graduating NUHS senior who plans to attend a four year college, or technical school. Davis link

  • Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship - due 3/15/18 - $1000 - for any Union County student planning to major in a health-related field. Must live in Union county. Memorial Hospital linkStolte Excellence in Leadership Scholarship - due 4/4/18 -$1000 -  for any Union County student - they look for leadership potential, academic potential.

  • Stolte Excellence in Leadership Scholarship - due 4/4/18 -$1000 -  for any Union County student - they look for leadership potential, academic potential. Stolte link

  • Summer Theater Workshop Scholarship - due 4/4/18 - $500 - for any Union County student who has participated in the Summer Theater Workshop in Marysville. Summer Theater link

Other Foundation Scholarships that are coming! They are not "live" yet but should be by the end of December. 
  • Marysville Art League Scholarship - due 4/4/18 - $500 - for any Union County student planning to major in an art-related field.
  • Jeffrey "Griff" Griffith Memorial Scholarship - due 3/1/2018 - NEW FOR 2018.

Other Scholarships Available:

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 870 Scholarship - due 3/1/2018 - for a graduating NUHS senior who had a family member serve in the armed forces. See application for more information. The application is posted below. (POSTED: 11/28/2017) 

Marilyn Shearer Memorial/DAR Hannah Dustin Emerson Scholarship - due 2/1/2018 - in memory of Mrs. Shearer, a longtime Marysville resident. This is a $2000 scholarship for a young woman going into history, journalism, political science, international business or broadcast communications. Other history/journalism related majors will be considered. 3.0+ GPA needed.  The application is posted below. Turn in to Mrs. Willis when completed.  (POSTED: 10/30/2017) 

Union Rural Electric Coop Scholarships - due 2/5/2018 - Students whose homes have Union Rural for their electric are eligible for a couple different scholarships. If you aren't sure, ask your parents. If you are not on Union Rural, your co-op may have a similar program - look it up on your electric cooperative website! (POSTED: 12/6/17) 

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