Current Scholarship List:

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Stay tuned here for the latest scholarship information in the NUHS guidance office. The information will be posted here as we receive it.
Many scholarships have an online application which may require an essay. Students are encouraged to write the essay in Microsoft word, then copy/paste to the application so they can use spell checker, etc. Essays are very important!  

Many online applications require students to put in an email for their school counselor. Seniors should use Mrs. Willis's email:   

Scholarships Available:

NWTF Scholarship - Union County Chapter - due 12/31/16. See application posted below. For a graduating senior who has a 3.0+ GPA and a hunting license. See application for more details. Information was emailed to all seniors on 11/10/16.  (posted: 11/10/16) 

Marilyn Shearer Memorial/DAR Hannah Dustin Emerson Scholarship - due 2/1/2017 - in memory of Mrs. Shearer, a longtime Marysville resident. This is a $2000 scholarship for a young woman going into history, journalism, political science, international business or broadcast communications. Other history/journalism related majors will be considered. 3.0+ GPA needed.  The application is posted below. Turn in to Mrs. Willis when completed.  

Mrs. Jennifer Willis, school counselor
Phone: 740-943-3012 
Twitter: @NUHSguidance
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