General Information

What is a Chromebook?

- looks like a laptop computer
- is light weight, thin
- provides for immediate connection to the Internet
- uses the Chrome Web Store (to get extensions and apps)
Pretty much anything you can do via the Google Chrome Web Browser on Macs/PCs, you can do with a Chromebook.

The Chromebooks may require a little bit of a mental shift when getting started with them. Here are links to a couple of videos from Google that you may find helpful to begin to learn about Chromebooks:

Chrome OS Guided Tour                                                                What is Google Chrome OS?

Here are a few links to help you start digging deeper into Chrome:
Chromebook TouchPad Functions

Google Cloud Print is built in to the Chromebook. You can print any web page directly using Control-P. You can print from within web apps by using the “Print with Google Cloud Print” button.

You can also connect Classic Printers to Chromebooks.

All printers need to be set up using a computer that is on the same network and is already connected to the printer using the Google Chrome account that you have. Printers need to be set up before you can print.