Welcome Parents! Below are some helpful                 websites to get your child excited about               reading!  

This site has a collection of literacy resources including materials for reading aloud, recommended book lists, and engaging activities that you can do with your children.  It also offers articles and tips for parents to help motivate your children to read.

This site provides information about learning to read and strategies for supporting struggling readers.  It offers articles, videos, and blogs.

This is the Book Wizard tool from the website.  You can find the guided reading level, lexile level, or grade level of a book.  

From fun activities to engaging literature suggestions, this site is the place for information about out-of-school literacy experiences.  This site also has projects and ideas to inspire your child's writing.

You can use this site to find the lexile level of a book or find books for a specific lexile level.  You can use your child's MAP scores to find his/her appropriate lexile range.

The website above is a great resource to gain skills and knowledge on how to best help your child read at home! It gives reading strategies, lists of books and has loads of other resources. 

Books by Grade Level 
Reading Should be something your child wants and loves to do!! Below are some suggested reading lists by grade level (created by the Highland Park Public Library).