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Follow the directions below...

You have worked to understand Chapter 5 of the iBook

Now we will see how much you 'understand' versus how much you scratched the surface of the concepts

Work inside your document 7 SS iBooks

For each heading provide a summary in your own words:
  1. Define physical geography
  2. Define human geography
  3. Answer the question - "what is the purpose of maps?"
  4. Answer the question "what is the problem with maps?"
  5. Define the terms
    • absolute location
    • relative location
    • distortion
    • globes map projections
  6. Why do maps have titles?
  7. Why do maps have compass roses?
  8. What are the cardinal directions?
  9. Why do maps have grids?
  10. Explain latitude and longitude as if you were talking to a 4th grader -
  11. What is map scale?
  12. Take notes on anything you believe is important
  13. Write down any questions you have about the chapter

In words provide a brief summary of the chapter.

In pictures illustrate why it is important to understand maps/visuals

In an analogy explain the importance of this chapter.