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Color Page History

This page will serve as a running log of each color page's directions from the 2012-2013 school year.

Each activity includes the date it was started or assigned

Purple Page
1. Get to know you activity 08.27.12
  • Follow the directions below...
  • In an email answer the questions below and send to chull@nssd112.org
  • Please place your name in the Subject Line of the emailFor this assignment you can just use the numbers instead of re-typing the question
  • Remember the quote "Be honest with yourself"
  • Remember - Answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.motivation: interest in or enthusiasm for doing something (syn. motive)
    • 1. What motivates you to work hard in school? 2. What motivates you to work hard in your favorite activity (i.e. sports, dancing, acting etc)? 3. What class in school are you most motivated to do well in? And why? 4. How often do you try your absolute best in school? (100% of the time? 50% of the time? 25% of the time? None of the time?) 5. Describe why you try as hard as you do.6. What stops you from trying as hard as you can? 7. Do you think it is important to try as hard as you can in school? Why or why not? 8. What do you think motivates other students in school? 9. What do you think motivates people in their jobs? 10. What would motivate you to do well in 7th grade social studies? 11. Explain what the quote “to learn is an action that requires effort” means to you? Describe in detail 12. Do you believe that you can learn anything? Why or why not? 13. Do you believe you can improve as a student every year? 14. What do you want me to know as your teacher as we start the year? 15. What suggestions would you have for me to help motivate YOU in my class?
2. iBooks Author activity - helping build the student's perspective week of 09.10-09.15
  • Follow the directions below...
  • I need your help. As a class we are working on creating our own iBook for 7th grade social studies.You have completed the notes for "Understanding Geography"
    • Now help edit and critique the chapter "Understanding Geography" - On your blog explain what was good, bad, or needs to be improved. Now help explain using your words, pictures, or analogies what you have learned. Choose either words like distortion, or hemispheres, etc that you believe are essential for the chapter and explain these in your own words, pictures, or analogies. Explain key sections in your own words, pictures, or analogies. Find missing pictures to input into the iBook. Explain the importance of the information from this chapter. You can use your blog to take notes - OR you can email me your ideas with your name in the subject line. Every addition that becomes published in the iBook earns you a Dojo point.
Blue Page
1. Getting to know you activity 08.28.12
  • Follow the directions below...
    • 1. Travel the room looking at the calendar photos and quotes (without your iPad - your iPad should remain on your desk)
    • 2. Read as many of the quotes as you desire
    • 3. Choose one quote and picture that inspires you to writea. The quote could be an idea or concept that makes sense to youb. The picture could be strikingc. The quote or concept could be something you disagree with
    • 4. Take a picture of the quote/picture you choose using your iPad
    • 5. Email the photo with your name in the subject line and a brief explanation to why you choose this quote/picture. After completing the activity head back to the Class Log and continue the directions.
2. Re-creating Chapter 2 (txtbook) from the student's perspective (Through late September and early October)
  • Working in your table group follow the directions below...
  • We have worked to understand Chapter 1 of the Textbook (Chapter 5 of the iBook)Now YOU will work to re-create Chapter 2 of the Textbook (soon to be Chapter 6 of the iBook) Your chapter section must include the following information
    • Chapter summary and explanation
    • Key words and definitions
    • Pictures and captions explaining the pictures
    • Why is the information important to know?
    • How is the information used in the real world?
    • Review questions to help students check if they understand the material
    • Chapter 2 has the following sections: 2.1 Introduction, 2.2 Geographic Setting, 2.3 Mapping Physical Features, 2.4 Climates, 2.5 Vegetation, 2.6 Population Density, 2.7 Economic Activity and Resources, 2.8 Regions
3. Working individually watch the video "The Truth about Dishonesty" on 10.10 or 10.11 (after Chapter 1 or 2 Test)
  • In an email to chull@nssd112.org, or on your blog, or on Google Drive - simply write your reaction to the video. Write your thoughts about the video - ideas you enjoyed, disliked, were confused by, etc.
  • Think about the quote "your true character is revealed when no one is watching" while watching the video
Green Page
1. Watching the video Find Your Greatness as a bonus get to know you activity week of 08.27
  • Watch this video  "Find Your Greatness - Jogger 
  • Title your post: Finding GreatnessIn a post on your blog explain 
    • a. what the main point of this video is
    • b. why you believe this video is or is not important to watch
    • c. how you will work to find your greatness in ___ (fill in activity of your choice)
2. Remembering 9/11
  • Visit the link: New York Times September 12th 2001 - this is the front page of the New York Times the day after the attacks
  • On your blog title your post "Remembering September 11th" The link I provided is a teacher article however I believe it is an important read for students too -
  • On your blog answer the following questions
    • 1. What have you learned about 9/11 in the past?
    • 2. Why do you believe it is important to learn about 9/11? (If you need help with question 2 read this article "Teaching 9/11 Why? And how?"
    • Remember to Publish your post -
    • Bonus Material:
Orange Page:
1. Reading the article "Geniuses Are Made, Not Born" completed on 09.06 or 09.07
  • “Geniuses Are Made, Not Born” Melanie Pinola
  • The phrase "born genius" is deceptive. Although genes definitely play a role in intelligence, genius is also the result of a tremendous amount of work. That's the theme of this quote, the title of a post from The Creativity Post blog.One of the most stubborn brain myths is that we're all stuck at the intelligence level we were born with, when actually IQ can change and be improved with effort. Many of our greatest artists and scientists demonstrated brilliance only after honing their craft through thousands of hours of practice and study.Scott Barry Kaufman writes on The Creativity Post:Genius involves figuring out who you are, and owning yourself. It's about amplifying your best traits and compensating for the rest. Geniuses grab life by the horns, and persevere amidst setbacks. They take control of their lives, instead of waiting for others to open up doors. In this very important sense, greatness is completely, utterly, made. It's a great reminder that what matters most is the deliberate practice we put into our work.
  • On your blog explain your reaction to the article and the pictures below and the connection to this class -Label your post "Geniuses are made not born"

PInk Page
1. Working with Chapter 1 (txtbook) and Chapter 5 (iBook) started 09.05 or 09.06 - 
  • Follow the directions below...seriously like totally for sure read all the directions (Raise your hand and ask Mr. Hull to read this direction)
  • * Learn how to open the 7th grade social studies iBooksFind the iBooks AppClick on the Library tab in the top left hand cornerDouble check make sure you are in "Books Collection" Select the "7th Grade Social Studies" iBookYour iPad will need to be in landscape (hotdog) position. Find Chapter "Understanding the Geographer's World" Chapter 5
  • ***As you use the iBook be prepared to critique/grade the book and offer suggestions for improvements. If you find something that should be improved you can email me with your name in the subject line from the iPad.
  • *Go to the open closet door and get the textbook and turn to Chapter 1
  • Using both sources (the textbook and the iBook) answer the questions below using your blog to take notes- be sure to label your post "Understanding Maps" (These questions may not be finished today - work to the best of your ability - be honest and ask a classmate or me for help if you need help)
    • 1. Define the following terms 
    • a. Absolute location b. Distortion c. Map Projection d. Relative Location
    • 2. Do you know of a technology that has changed how maps are used today?
    • 3. What is the big problem of maps?
    • 4. What are the 2 ways geographers try to solve the "big problem" with maps?
    • 5. What is the purpose of a map title?
    • 6. What is the purpose of the compass rose on a map?
    • 7. What are the cardinal directions?
    • 8. Does a map always point north?
    • 9. What does a legend identify?
    • 10. Where are legends usually located on a map?
    • 11. What is another term for map legend?
    • 12. Why do many maps have grids?
    • 13. What is the most important parallel of latitude called?
    • 14. What are the grid lines that run from the North Pole to South Pole called?
    • 15. What is the most important line that runs from the North to South Pole called?
    • 16. What is the importance of the International Date Line?
    • 17. Are distances between the meridians of longitude equal throughout the world?
    • 18. What measurement is used when lines of longitude of latitude are measured?
    • 19. How does scale affect details on a map?
    • 20. What are you measuring when you use map scale?
    • 21. What are the four hemispheres of the world called?
    • 22. Define the following words a. Orbit b. Revolution c. Axis d. Rotation
    • 23. How does the Earth's tilt impact our lives?
Thinking Outside the Box
  • Visit this site 
    • Read the story and in either Google Drive or Blogger - provide what choice you would have made and your reaction to the story of thinking outside the box.
Yellow Page

1. Perception and "The Money Tree" Tuesday 09.18.12
  • 1. Watch the video "Amy KR presents..."The Money Tree"
  • 2. On your blog provide a summary of the video and explain how this video connects to social studies - YOU MUST use a few of our social studies vocab words. Please title your blog "The Money Tree"

2. Watch the video "Caine's Arcade" Wednesday 10.10.12 or Thursday 10.11.12 (Video for "Caine's Article")
  • 1. On your blog provide a summary of the video and explain how this video connects to social studies - YOU MUST use a few of our social studies vocab words. Please title your blog "Caine's Arcade" - hint think about how this infographic describing the power of the Internet "click here" to see the Infographic again.

Red Page
1. Current Event Friday Format (any Friday)
  • Follow the directions below...
  • Headphones are okay for this lesson but remember - only one earbud may be in during class AND if anyone begins talking with you - you must remove your headphones and converse with your classmate, teacher, or etc.
  • After watching the "Week in Rap" choose an article to investigate from the numbered list below.
  • You will be answering the Basic Questions in bullet point form and submitting your answers to the Edmodo Assignment "_____________" (you do not have to use complete sentences except for the what question)
  • Please remember that these are news items from popular websites that present only one side to a story - perception, point of view, and bias must be considered when reading any of these articles.
  • You may work individually or in groups
  • Read the article - then answer the basic questions using your article (your answer does not have to be in complete sentences except for the what question):
    • a. Who is the situation about?
    • b. When does the situation take place?
    • c. Where does the situation take place?
    • d. What is the situation?
    • e. Why is the situation important?
    • f. How does the situation connect to social studies? (Use the ABCs sheet if you need help)
  • Submit your answers to the Edmodo Assignment "______" Include the title of your article in your post a
  • Remember please be honest if you have questions ask me! Or ask a neighbor. Or a partner.
  • I will be harassing some of you to get to know you because .... I can.