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Completed Frames

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 Ella & Marianna - Food Discrimination Stop Motion



courtney & allegra.mp4


2016 Stykz Election.mp4


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Stop Motion.mp4


Becca's Elm Place Stop Motion Photoshop Video


Elliana and Evelyn.mp4


Google Docs Video


Abi and Finn Stop-Moition Pac-man .mp4


Life and Love According to Mathematics.mp4



 Lego Digital Designer

Lego Digital Designer


The Party by Mia & Maya


stop motion angie and agnes.mp4


Google Docs Video


Evolution of Wooden Man

 Q4, 2014-15

Stop Motion Baseball


Evan and max stopmotion p2.mp4


Google Docs Video


Halloween Stop Motion


Google Docs Video

Welcome, Autumn!


Trick or Treat!


Google Docs Video


Google Docs Video

Bad Piggies

  Q1, 2014-15

madyson, cade, molly.MOV


Gummy Bears Stop Motion


Mario Stop Motion


Google Docs Video


What Happens, Happens


The Orange Square on the Wall


Post-It Stop Motion