This project is designed for students to see how social and cultural systems develop and evolve.  In doing so, students will gain personal connections with their local communities, and able to explain the significance of cultural diversity.

Time Frame: The unit will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete, from introduction to presentation. 
  • Week 1:  Introduce unit, sources, assignments, and assessments. 
  • Week 2: Research, gather and synthesize information
  • Week 3: Assess student understanding and create project(s) to show mastery. 
  • Week 4: Present and share finding/projects.

Artifacts/Projects: Students' work that is presented is up to the teacher's discretion.  These projects can vary from creating posters to using online and multi-media tools.  Some examples are presented below:

  • Research Project
    • Visual, Prop
  • Presentation that is video captured by teacher
  • Photo with QR Code for sharing videos
Sources:  Students will use this website to research their topic, and to complete their presentation.

Assessment:  Students will demonstrate their understanding of their chosen topic by presenting their findings using an online tool. 

Notice that this website will continually be edited to better serve its users.  Thank you.