Diss High’s BBC School News Report 

19th March 2015

Following on from our practice day on the 26th of February, 19 students have been researching current affairs using newspapers and the internet in order to reach their fixed deadlines with the BBC.

We are covering a range of topics from the UK’s first “poo bus”; the Diss High Art Project; women in the Armed Forces; local & general elections, and the ‘Diss Dig’.  

As part of the project we have had the opportunity to meet Beth Davison a presenter of a local TV station and Tony Carrol a local journalist. Both gave outstanding advice and their top tips for working in journalism and the media.

We hope you enjoy our work!   

The General Election

Dig Diss

General Election and Piers

Gender Equality

Poo Bus and Drama Studio

DHS Arts and Warrior Women