Diss High School students have been involved in BBC School Report 2017, on March the 16th. The experience has been both enjoyable and challenging; students used skills with cameras and their knowledge of lighting and the software, movie maker. The students were selected through their hard work and skills in the English department. The 26 students had to use team work to look deeply into news story at occasional lunchtimes and meetings arranged by the group. The news could range from Politics to Mental health, each studied to the full.

Even though fitting everything into the given time was very stressful, everyone enjoyed it and it was a very beneficial experience for any student who would like to be in the Media in the future. Throughout the work, everyone took it seriously and interviewed teachers and students for opinions about their chosen subjects, all of which were balanced to give non-biased reports.

Two students were taken to the BBC studios in Norwich to get an inside look on what happens on the news and how to carry on if anything goes wrong. They also got the opportunity to go live on the breakfast show. One of the students said, “It was very overwhelming yet incredible. I will never forget that day and it has shown me what my future could be like in the Media.”

I think all the students would agree that it was an amazing experience and if next year you want to take part, go for it!

Click HERE to listen to Diss High Students on Nick Conrad's BBC Radio Norfolk Breakfast Show

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