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What's New?  Gmail's new Compose window!

Gmail is rolling out out a new Compose experience where you can write messages in a cleaner, simpler format that puts the focus on your message itself, not all the features around it.

Here's how to try the new compose experience, as well as a quick look at key changes.

Q:  What if I want to share my Gmail Contacts but not my email? Is that possible?

A:  Yes, it is new feature.  Google now allows you to delegate your Gmail Contacts without having to delegate mail, too.  [Here's how!]

Q:  Why is my Gmail Trash getting so full?

A:  According to Google, Gmail automatically deletes any email in the Trash that's approximately 30 days old. Lately it has been reported to us by NSHE/SCS staff that this is not the case. So you may want to manually empty your Gmail Trash yourself, especially if there is sensitive email that you want deleted immediately.

If you’d like to permanently delete something yourself:

  1. Click your Trash label.
  2. Check the box next to the message you'd like to permanently delete.
  3. Click the Delete forever button.

Q:  Is my privacy and the confidentiality of our email protected?

A:  Google may be compelled to disclose our confidential Information when required by law but only; after it, if legally permissible:  (a) uses commercially reasonable efforts to notify the owner; and (b) gives the owner the chance to challenge the disclosure.

Q:  Can I continue to use Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird with the new service?

A:  There are ways to use these clients but we prefer you use the Google web interface. Using Google's mail interface will give you a more consistent experience in and out of the office, and also give you access to many great features of this new service not available through other email clients. Many people find they are more productive using Google's mail interface. In addition, these third-party clients are not supported by NSHE/SCS.

Q:  What are the limitations on email sizes for my Google Apps account?

A:  You can send and receive mail messages up to 25 MB in size including attachments. There are other methods for transferring large files (for example, secure FTP), and Google Docs also offers a way to share large documents between collaborators without worrying about email storage space.

Q:  Are there any shortcut keys available able to increase my productivity?

A:  Yes, you have to go to settings and enable them, then refresh your mail window before the change takes effect. Here are our current favorites:
  • When in a message or after doing a search, type 'u' to go to inbox
  • When viewing a message, type '!' to label it as spam
  • When reading a message, type 'r' to Reply ('R' to Reply in a new window)
  • When reading a message, type 'a' to Reply All ('A' to Reply All in a new window)
The full list of currently available shortcuts is here:

Q:  What does archiving in Gmail do? Where does it go and can I get it back?

A:  Archiving items keeps your Inbox tidy. The items are not deleted, but they will no longer appear in your Inbox. The items will appear in search results and can also be accessed by clicking the “All Mail" link.

Q:  What is the diference between a Folder and a Label?

A:  Actually, Gmail doesn't use folders.  To help you organize your mail more effectively, Gmail uses labels instead.  [Read more?]

Q:  Lotus Notes had a Send and File button.  So in Gmail, how can I organize my messages – by starring them or adding a label – before sending them?

A:  This is a new feature from Google!  Click here to learn how to Star and Label messages before you send them.

Q:  Why is my email address coming up as @nshe.nevada.edu.test-google-a.com?

A:  If you ever see an e-mail address with @nshe.nevada.edu.test-google-a.com do not be concerned.  It is a product of temporary Gmail forwarding necessary until everyone is on Gmail.  That will disappear in future weeks when we can officially move all inbound and outbound communication to exclusively Gmail; and, in the meantime, it doesn't impact e-mail addressing or delivery.

Q:  Can I add my organization's logo to my signature in Gmail?

A:  Yes.  Listed below are the available logos:
(NOTE – If your logo is not provided below, please let us know by contacting our support desk: Support@nshe.nevada.edu.)





Here's how:

  1. Under General settings in Gmail, scroll down to your Signature entry.  Place the cursor where you'd like to place the logo.
  2. Then click the "Insert Image" icon.
    Insert Image
  3. Copy & paste the URL (above) of the NSHE or SCS logo you choose.

    Click OK to close the window.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the General settings page, and click the "Save Changes" button.
Q:  Under General settings in Gmail, I enabled all stars.  How can I set up mail Filters to use them?

A:  Yellow is the only star that can be pre-applied with a Filter. The basic function of stars in Google today is for assigning priority once an email lands in the users mailbox.
   For example:  
 is urgent.
If you want color in an email (for distinction & to assign a color to incoming mail), use Labels.

Q:  Is there a way to have the mail in your inboxes show from oldest to newest?

A:  Good question.  Unfortunately, no you cannot sort messages by oldest to newest as you could in Lotus Notes.  However, you can jump to the oldest messages.  Simply hover your mouse pointer over your e-mail counter and click "Oldest" (as shown in the screen shot below):
screen shot

Q:  Can I mark my outgoing email as high priority or urgent?

A:  Gmail web client doesn’t allow you to mark outgoing emails by a priority scale. This may change in the future, as Google is always adding improvements to their system.

Q:  When I reply to an email, Gmail strips out the original sender's attachments.  Is Forwarding the only way to keep attachments?

A:  You can include the original attachment in a Reply. Here's how:
    1. With the email open, select Reply.
    2. Click "Include original attachments".

    3. Click the "Send" button when your email is ready.

Q:  Has anything been resolved on the Return Receipt for Google mail?  I am clicking on the "Return receipt" and then clicking on the "Request read receipt" and I am not getting return receipt notices.

A:  Google Support has been contacted, and they essentially said read receipts aren't currently working for us because we have not completely migrated to Gmail.  Read receipts appeared to work as expected between Gmail users but not when sending to other mail systems like Lotus Notes, Hotmail & Yahoo.  An exception:  When using Thunderbird (a 3rd party mail client) to read Yahoo mail, you – as the receiver – will be prompted to send a read receipt.

According to Google's documentation, read receipts only work if the e-mail recipient's mail server and/or mail client supports the feature.

We can revisit this topic again once we've fully migrated off Notes to Gmail at the end of January.  Until then, it doesn't look like read receipts will work at all even between NSHE Gmail users.

Q:  What will my e-mail address be?

A:  Your e-mail address will not change.

Q:  I use Gmail already.  Is the Google App package more robust and user friendly than the traditional Google e-mail?

A:  It is similar. However, there are many new options for viewing e-mail that you may not have explored if you have had a personal account for longer than six months. Gmail can be highly personalized and can be be configurable in numerous ways.

Q:  I have a personal Gmail account already. Can I log in to multiple Google accounts on my PC?

A:  Yes! It is very easy to do. You can even do it while in the same web browsing session.

Q:  Will we be trained on Gmail?

A:  Training opportunities will be available in Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko.

Q:  What will happen with all of my mail folders?

A:  Notes mail folders will be called labels in Gmail. Labels will be discussed in training.

Q:  Can people have shared e-mails?

A:  One can share emails automatically in a number of ways. The best way to set this up is to explain what you would like to achieve and SCS staff will help you set it up.

Q:  I often have to refer back to old e-mail. How are the old Lotus e-mails archived or viewable after this transition?

A:  They will quite literally be in your archive and readable within GMail. Your email will also be searchable by Google's world-famous search engine.

 I delegate my Lotus Notes mail and/or calendar to other Notes users. Can I do that in Gmail?

A:  Yes, similar functionality exists in Gmail.  We will touch on these during training and provide support materials online.

Q:  Does Gmail have a mailbox size quota?

A:  Yes.  Your total mailbox size cannot exceed 25 gigabytes.
Extra storage can be purchased – but only for Google Docs, Picasa Web Albums, and photos from Blogger.  (See “Google Apps - purchase storage”)

Q:  Does Gmail have an attachment size quota?

A:  Yes. The total number of attachments cannot exceed 25 megabytes per message.

Q:  How do I embed a picture into the body of an e-mail? Copy and paste doesn’t always seem to work? 
A:  Copy & Paste seems to work in Firefox and Chrome web browsers but not Internet Explorer.  Another option is to enable the Insert images button.

To turn on Gmail's Insert Image button:
  • Follow the Settings link in Gmail.
  • Go to the Labs tab.
  • Make sure Enable is selected for Inserting images.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • The Insert Image button is now available when you compose a new message:
    Insert Image

Q:  What Gmail features are supported on mobile devices?

A:  Please refer to this guide for using Gmail features on a mobile device.

Q:  How do I disable conversation view in Gmail?

Q:  I opened Lotus Notes and I see messages in my Inbox that aren’t in Gmail.  What happened?

A:  Those messages likely ended up in Gmail’s Spam folder.  Check the Spam folder by clicking the More button along the left side of your Inbox.

 I don’t want legitimate messages going to Gmail’s spam folder.  What can I do?

Q:  I used to create mail rules in Lotus Notes.  Can I create mail rules in Gmail?

A:  Yes, Gmail refers to them as “filters.”  Please refer to this guide for creating filters.

Q:  Can I disable the ads across the top of my Inbox?

A:  Yes, go to Mail settings, click the Web Clips tab, uncheck the box next to 'Show my web clips above the Inbox' and click the Save changes button at the bottom.