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Learn more about the Internet & Searching

NoodleQuest  -Answer these questions to find the right search resource. 

Practice the four NETS of searching for getting good search results.

Nice site to teach students about evaluating if the information is good and relevant to use - RadCab

Great searching resources: Beyond Google's First Page! - How to get better search results

 Berkley has a nice page on resources and  web searches

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Library Compilations of Internet Resources by Subject
Other Library Resources:

The Nebraska Library Commission and databases and Nebraska Access are all great resources!

Bibme.orgCitation MachineCite this for me, and are some great citation and bibliography resources.  ( integrates right into Google Apps for schools.) (Citation machine does APA for free and a plagiarism search too.) 

The Library Spot is an excellent site on library resources on the net

The Awesome Library site is a great resource... especially for educators.

Project Gutenberg Offers Free eBooks and more.

Internet Archive This nonprofit online library includes texts, audio, moving images, and software as well as archived Web pages in their collection

Google (The KING):
Google Education apps: -- A great free set of tools for a School district.

Google is the King of Search engines... here are a few articles and tips on how to find what you need:
A great article in PC Magazine - Google Secrets
Google's own list of search operators  and a Nice site for creating advanced search syntax easily

Other Search Engines and tools:
Wolframalpha  (Totally different!)
TinEye (Reverse Image search)
Ask  (Ask images does a nice job too)
Blinkx - Find Video
DuckDuckGO The search engine that doesn't track you.

Google is king, but there are a few others..... 5 Search Engine Alternatives or give DoodleBuzz a try. 

The following list of "meta-search" sites (They launch multiple searches (several 
different search engines) from a single site, and integrate the results.):
Use these sites to find people /businesses/etc.:
Find Apps:
Use AppCrawlr ( to find iOS and Android apps easily; lots of different ways to search.
Need to find a great iPad app? Check out TCEA's list of recommended apps, sorted by subject area and topic:

A list of researching sites and tools: (Excellent site!!)  Or try the Visual Thesaurus on this site!
Wikipedia- Free online encyclopedia Great quote site!
Visual Thesaurus  (Part of site is a pay site.) You might try it in an incognito Window, for more try's beyond the trial. (Good for Magazine articles)
Medline Plus- Great site for medical info
InfoPlease and Kids InfoPlease-(Fact Monster)  (Find how safe your neighborhood is.) (A nice site for finding biographies)
The Biographical Dictionary Searchable biographical dictionary online
Research Public Records Here (Some are pay sites.)
Nice resource on copyright information
plagiarism checker's -  Plagium  Plagiarism Checker by SEO Tools

A Few Miscellaneous Sites:  It is a collection of over 3000 words that are often confused such as effect and affect  It is a very nice site for this use...easy interface, etc... (May not

Common English Errors, is a site that shows common errors in English.

Babel's translator ,Freetranslation, and Google Translation are sites that will translate documents (and web pages in other languages) from one language to another. (Great for foreign language subjects!)

The National Center for Education has a great site for finding info about schools.

Catalog of Government Publications is a good place to find government information and printed materials. A nice search engine for finding sounds

Phone Resources:
• • FoneFinder


-- A short side step... A cause we should all be concerned about!

-- Make sure yours students research and use the web wisely!!  You may get concerned about the above link....but be is very common and we would die without it!
Another good spoof site:  Save the Tree Octopus