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Please see below for the audition information which interests you.  Thanks so much and good luck!  

Show Choir Audition Information

Show choir auditions are Wednesday, March 21, 2018, beginning at 12:30 PM. 
All interested students prepare a short excerpt of provided music and perform a sight-singing example. In addition, each auditioning student must prepare a 1-2 minute accompanied solo of their choice to perform before a panel of adult judges.  The students are judged on their tone quality, volume, and expression. During their hour-long audition time slot, they will also solidify the choreography to a short recorded song which was taught and on Youtube, which will be performed as a group for the panel of judges. They are judged on their knowledge, execution, and style of the choreography. The students also receive a work ethic score based on their class work during the past year. The show choir members are selected based on total points they receive from the audition.