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5 - Reflection

Character Reflection: Lord Capulet was a great character to reseach. Our teacher said it was going to kinda be hard for the people that dont have Romeo and Juliet to find things for our website. Well honestly I didn`t think that it was too hard to find things on Capulet; the only thing that was hard was tring to find a time when he was so steamed up.

What  I have in common with this character? I wasn`t able to find a whole lot of common ground that Lord Capulet and I share. The one thing that I found was that we both can forgive and forget about the things that have happened in the past. At the tomb; Lord Capulet was the first to offer peace to the Montagues.
How this play, and my character, relates to teens today?  Today; many teens may have not listened to their parents. This could have a bad effect on the teen, it may not be as bad as death, but it could be very close. Then another thing that might also relate is that some parents may push their kids into doing things that they don`t really want to do.

Overall impression of the play: It was good. I now understand why this story was around for centuries and hopefully centuries to come. Now I just wish that they would write the story in todays terms.