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Research project

EDU 604-Parent Survey Form

This page is dedicated to my Master's program research project.  I will be conducting this research during the 2012-2013 school year with a majority of the research taking place during the fall semester.  This research project is based on the effectiveness of incorporating portfolios in my English classroom.  This research will be conducted during 1st semester, however I will continue to utilize the portfolios through 2nd semester for my own professional development.  I am specifically looking at the following areas during this 1st semester study:

Primary Question
    *How will portfolios impact my students' skill development and attitude toward writing?

Secondary Questions
    1.  How do portfolios positively impact the idea of writing as a process and personal growth as a writer (encourage reflection)?
    2.  How do portfolios help foster the idea of writing as a meaningful personal activity (students writing for themselves)?
    3.  How do portfolios help students understand the various modes (narrative, expository, descriptive, etc.) of writing?

Administration and parental permission is required prior to conducting this study.  All responses and data collected will be confidential.  If you have any concerns regarding this study please feel free to contact me at jamie.kernes@nsdtitans.org or at 402-791-0010.

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