The Odyssey

       The Odyssey

by Homer


John Green's Crash Course of The Odyssey (John doesn't like Odysseus).

The Odyssey QUIZZES

The Odyssey-Quiz 1

The Odyssey-Quiz 2-Circe and The Land of the Dead

The Odyssey-Quiz 3-the Sirens; Scylla and Charybdis

The Odyssey-Quiz 4-The Cattle of the Sun God

The Odyssey-Quiz 5-The Meeting of Father and Son and the Beggar and the Faithful Dog

The Odyssey-Quiz 6-The Challenge, Penelope

The Odyssey-FINAL TEST


The Odyssey persuasive writing options-During reading, students will have 1-2 topics in mind as they read.  They will jot down examples and supporting information for their topic as they read and compile the supporting information into a 5-paragraph essay.  

persuasive rubric used for grading

Home(r)work Assignments

These assignments should be completed outside of class since we are reading The Odyssey in class.  There may be a question or two references from these supplemental sources on your reading quizzes.

Assignment #1-Prezi with background information on The Iliad.  Take notes and understand the information in the prezi.

Assignment #2-NPR audio recording about psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Shay, who was nominated for the MacArthur Fellowship in 2007.  He compares soldiers returning from today's conflicts in the Middle East with soldiers returning from Vietnam and the Trojan War.

Assignment #3-The discovery of the great city of Troy by Heinrich Schliemann in the late 1800s in a three-part video.  Each video is around 10 minutes long. 

Troy 1/3  

YouTube Video

Troy 2/3

YouTube Video

Troy 3/3

YouTube Video

Greek alphabet-This link demonstrates the traditional and modern Greek alphabet as well as the pronunciation of each letter.

Greek art-Timeline list from the end of the Iliad through the Odyssey artistically represented.


Greek gods-Illustrates the Greek gods that were honored during the time of the Iliad and the Odyssey


Webquest activity-This activity provides further understanding of Homer, Greek mythological characters, and Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus.

TASK 1--This is the link to use for TASK 1 on the webquest.  Task 1 provides background information on the author Homer. 

TASK 2--This task is to give you some background information on the characters in The Odyssey.

TASK 3--An online choice game where you can follow events from the story based on the three main characters Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus.