Greetings from Mrs. Gifford!

       There is a lot to learn
               at your School Library!
My name is Mrs. Gifford and I am your School Librarian.  There are so many wonderful and exciting things to discover in your Elementary School Library.  I am eager to share fabulous books and use iPads and other technology to learn! 

Each class in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2 will visit the library once during the four day specials rotation.  Bring your library book back on your library visit day so that you can check out more great books from your library.

Caring for each.
Learning for all.
Growing together!

Our goal at the Norris Elementary School Library is to:

Motivate students to seek knowledge and understand 
how to use the resources available to them.

Anticipate the needs of students and staff by providing 
current resources to meet their inquiries.

Collaborate with teachers to present dynamic 
learning opportunities for our students.

Stimulate a love for reading by making quality literature 
available to students and staff.

Celebrate life-long learning by promoting reading 
for pleasure and information seeking.