Welcome to FCS at Norris High School.

What is FCS?

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) programs empower students to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse, global, ever-changing society.

In addition to supporting and complementing the family's role, Family and Consumer Sciences programs offer students the opportunity to select and prepare for related careers.


The area of Family and Consumer Science at Norris covers a wide variety of topics from food and nutrition to interior design to child development to leadership and interpersonal skills. 

Students develop skills and characteristics for a lifetime, helping them with career goals and day to day experiences, both in their occupations, families and communities. 

The FCS program promotes students to use their strengths and their talents effectively and efficiently.

Mission of Family & Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Education prepares students to engage in the work of the family by critically examining recurring concerns of the family and proactively working toward individual, family and community well-being. Our role is to prepare all students for life, work and citizenship through the unique focus on the work of the family. 

Belief Statements of Family & Consumer Sciences

  1. The family is the fundamental social and economic unit.

  2. Nurturing environments are crucial to individual development.

  3. Individual and family development continues throughout the life span.

  4. All families have strengths.

  5. Strong families strengthen community life; caring communities strengthen family life.

  6. Democratic ideals practiced in the family contribute to family and community well-being.

  7. Attitudes and skills learned in the family transfer to the workplace.

  8. The work of the family is accomplished through the family systems of action (technical, communicative and emancipative.)

  9. Quality relationships contribute to a satisfying and productive life.

  10. Quality family life is affected by consumer decisions made regarding the acquisition, allocation and use of resources.

  11. Individuals, families and communities create change and respond to change.

  12. The practical reasoning process is an effective way to address recurring concerns of the family.

  13. Family life is impacted by the demand for, use of and access to current and emerging technologies.

  14. Career exploration must examine the reciprocal nature of career choices and family life.

  15. Quality family life is dependent upon the successful integration of family, work and community responsibilities.

  16. Work, with or without compensation, that serves or contributes to society is honorable

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