Colonial Village Home

Your LITT group will be creating a colonial village.  The colonial region will be assigned, but the name of your village, the occupations of its residents, and all the other details will be up to the members of your society.  This project is an exciting opportunity for you to work together towards a common goal, but this can also be the biggest challenge.
Important Dates

Work Days
November 18th: Meeting #1

November 26th: Meeting #2 - Elections!!!

December 2nd: Meeting #3 

December 9th: Meeting #4

December 13th: Meeting #5

December 17th: Meeting #6 & #7
-Final Colonial Village Prep Days (Dress Rehearsal)

December 19th/20th: Colonial Village Days!!!
Required Items
  1. Assembled Village
  2. Jingle Advertisement
  3. Poster or Tri-fold with Blurbs
  4. Skit or Play (5 min)