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D i s t r i c t  T e c h n o l o g y  Pl a n  
N e s p e l e m  Sc h o o l  D i s t r i c t
T e c h n o l o g y  V i s i o n  St a t e m e n t : 

We live in a technological age that is rapidly developing and changing. Technology can improve communication, enhance thinking skills, make instruction more efficient and effective, and develop life skills critical to success.
With access to and proficiency in the use of technology tools, and with the guidance of skilled educators and community members, all students have the opportunity to become actively engaged and take responsible roles in their learning as they think, create, conduct inquiries, solve problems and communicate in individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary settings. 
When students and faculty are provided with the latest technology tools and training, we envision that students will develop the necessary skills to be productive members of this developing and changing society. 

Therefore, Nespelem School District believes that technology provides a very powerful, essential tool in the education process for both students and staff. Nespelem School District is committed to providing ongoing and continuous training to all of its teachers and students in the use of and integration of technology as tools for teaching and learning in all subject areas. 

For information on the Technology Committee's work, please see our wiki here.  

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2015-2016 RFP

Nespelem School District RFP 2015-16


Tech Plan 2013-2016 Cover
Tech Plan 2013-2016 PDFDocument

2013-2016 NSD Tech Plan OSPI2_6_13_2_12 copy

NSD Tech Plan 2013-2106 Cover