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to our school!
Listed below are our staff phone and email addresses for your convenience.

Please contact us with any support or questions you may have.

See this page for teacher web sites:  Teacher Pages

Please note: Phone numbers will be updated with our new extension numbers.
Thank you for your patience as we complete the upgrade of several systems.

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First NameLast NamePositionPhoneemailWeb PageDEPARTMENT
First NameLast NamePositionPhoneemailWeb PageDEPARTMENT
  Counselor 509-634-4541 x137   COUNSELOR 
Gloria Adolph Teacher Kindergarten 509-634-4541 x125 gadolph@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY Kindergarten 
Nancy Armstrong-Montes Board Member / Volunteer 509-634-4541 x130 narmstrongmontes@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN7 
Debbie Bays Opportunity Room Coordinator 509-634-4541 x133 dbays@nsdeagles.org  COORDINATOR Opportunity Room 
Tanya Bunting Administration Business Manager 509-634-4541 x102 tbunting@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN3 BUSINESS 
Bus Garage Bus Garage  509 634 4547   ADMIN6 BUS GARAGE 
Christina Christopherson Teacher 5678 Grade MATH 509-634-4541 x127 cchristopherson@nsdeagles.org  MIDDLE SCHOOL 
Lisa Corwine Teacher 5678 Grade Reading Social Studies 509 634 4541 x126 ecorwine@nsdeagles.org  MIDDLE SCHOOL 
Sue Dickey Athletic Director/Librarian 509 634 4541 x132 sdickey@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN5 Athletic Director 
Dean Erickson Teacher 4th Grade / PE 509-634-4541 x122 derickson@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY 4 
Grants Annex Grants Annex Administration Grants Annex 509-634-4541 x130   ADMIN7 Grants [Annex] 
Lisa Guzman Teacher SPED 509-634-4541 x139 lguzman@nsdeagles.org  SPED Teacher 
Kim Iverson Preschool 509-634-4541 x119 kiverson@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY Preschool 
Marion Ives Culture Coordinator 509-634-4541 x135 mives@nsdeagles.org  COORDINATOR Culture 
Deanna Kuehne Kitchen Assistant Cook 509-634-4541 x140 dkuehne@nsdeagles.org  KITCHEN 
MINI LAB Mini-Lab 509-634-4541 x131    
Virginia Lezard Administration Administrative Assistant 509-634-4541 x101 vlezard@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN3 ADMIN ASSISTANT 
Maintenance Office Maintenance Office  509 634 4541 x 105   ADMIN6 MAINTENANCE OFFICE 
Dennis Montes SPED / Paraprofessional 509-634-4541 x139 dmontes@nsdeagles.org  SPED Paraprofessional 
Leslie Moses Paraprofessional 506 634 4541 x139 lmoses@nsdeagles.org  PARAPROFESSIONAL 
Jerry Novotney Supervisor Transportation / Maintenance 509-634-4541 x105 509-634-1300 jnovotney@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN4 SUPERVISOR TRANSPORTATION/MAINTENANCE 
Lori Oles ADMIN3a Financial Assistant 509-634-4541 x138 loles@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN3a BUSINESS  
Debra Pankey Principal and SPED Director 509-634-4541 x129 dpankey@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN2 PRINCIPAL SPED Director 
Ralph Rise Teacher 5678 Science and Technology 509-634-4541 X128 rrise@nsdeagles.org  MIDDLE SCHOOL 
Linda Rise Teacher 1st Grade 509 634 4541 x121 lrise@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY 1 
Music Room Music Room 509-634-4541 x151   MUSIC 
Juliann Saulque Nurse 509-634-4541 x134 jsaulque@nsdeagles.org  NURSE 
SPED Office SPED Office SPED Office 509-634-4541 x110   SPED Office [See Debra Pankey x129] 
Staffroom Staffroom  509 634 4541 x 150   STAFFROOM 
Rich Stewart Administration/Superintendent/Principal 509-634-4541 x 155 Cell 509.520.2323 Home 360.275.7834  rstewart@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN1 
TECH Mini Lab  TECH Mini Lab TECH Mini Lab 509-634-4541 x120   TECH Mini Lab 
Matthew Timentwa Coordinator Technology and Testing 509-634-4541 136 mtimentwa@nsdeagles.org  ADMIN TECHNOLOGY COORDINATOR / TESTING COORDINATOR 
Jama Van Brunt Teacher 3rd Grade 509-634-4541 x124 jvanbrunt@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY 3 
Lisa Vaughan Teacher 5678 Language Arts 509-634-4541 x 120 lvaughan@nsdeagles.org  MIDDLE SCHOOL 
Tracy White Teacher 2nd Grade / PE 509-634-4541 x123 twhite@nsdeagles.org  PRIMARY 2 
Theresa Wilder Paraprofessional 509-634-4541  twilder@nsdeagles.org  PARAPROFESSIONAL 
Showing 36 items