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KID Vocabulary

Key Ideas and Details
Reading for Information

1 Vocabulary Wall Wisher -- Work with a partner  to learn vocabulary to understand how we talk about reading strategies. Write these terms above their matching definitions by double clicking the board and adding your own note above the definition.  Work with a partner -- the whole class will be arranging, so let's see what we can decide. Choose a note no one else is moving. Only move the terms on the left.

2 Vocabulary Flashcards -- can you pass the flashcard test?

3. Rubric for Notes -- can you explain the expectations for your note-taking for Key Ideas and Details? See your Current Focus in Learning Goals for your grade. 

4. Rate yourself on your notes.  What do you need to do to improve? Are you ready to share with your teacher?

5. Our final goal is to create a blog post and other product to share our learning.  Rubric  What do you still need to do?